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Tow truck drivers say many people don’t obey the ‘Move Over Law’ on Ohio highways


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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Nick Vitalone, of Vitalone’s Towing, has been towing cars about as long as he can remember. He’s had some close calls along the highway when drivers have refused to move over as he worked to load up a car.


"We've had incidents here. We've had a guy clipped as he was on the side of the road hooking up a car. A lot of times we've had instances where our drivers are hooking up, someone gets too close to then and they have to jump out of the way in between the truck and the car or off the road just to not get hit," said Vitalone.


With temperatures and wind chills set to plunge way below zero, chances are you will see a lot of emergency vehicles and tow trucks on the side of the road over the next couple of days. Now is a good time to remind everyone that, by law, you must pull over, if you see flashing lights.


"The law requires you as the motorist, if you are in that far right lane, to move over to the lane to your left - assuming you can do so safely. Obviously, you don't want to just suddenly pull over where there are cars and cause a worse situation," said Attorney Earl Ghaster of Kubyn & Ghaster in Mentor.


According to ODOT, every six days, across the country, a tow truck driver is killed - there's even a Facebook page called "Tow Lives Matter," where some tow truck drivers who have lost their lives are memorialized.


Nick Vitalone hopes that everyone will remember this:

“We are just asking people, please, slow down. Be mindful if you see our lights, if you see our vests. Move over if possible. Just keep in mind these tow truck drivers do have a family to go home to.”





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