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2 men deliver free meals to local TSA agents (MI)


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Local TSA agents impacted by the government shutdown received a free meal from two generous men.

Bill Giorgis, owner of Mike’s Wrecker, and his friend Tom Roy partnered up to deliver breakfast and lunch for all members of the TSA at MBS International Airport in Saginaw.


After seeing how workers were being affected by the shutdown, they wanted to thank them for doing their job despite not being paid.

The pair reached out to the community asking for food donations.


“People are donating and wanting to help out because they understand the situation. A lot of people don’t realize you gotta buy the essentials,” Roy said.

“It’s helping the citizens in our community and that’s the most important part,” Giorgis said.

They hope their kind acts will inspire people across the country to help out any workers affected by the government shutdown.






Thomas Roy, Saginaw Republican Party said:

want to thank a few people that reached out to me, to help our hard working, non-paid TSA workers at our airport. You may not realize, but these employees are very professional and courteous. The only BAD thing about our TSA employees, is they are not getting paid! Last paycheck was December 21st. Could you imagine paying for gas, electricity, rent, car insurance, food, or your basic needs, like toilet paper, toothpaste, things we really never think of, but need, and NOT HAVING A PAYCHECK!! Most people can't! If you can help, a gift card, lunch, breakfast, anything can help! They cannot take cash, or visa cards. William Giorgis of Mike's wrecker went all out today at Sams Club. If you, or you know of someone that would like to help, please let me know, and I can give you the TSA supervisors number. Bill is a great guy, and helps do things around "OUR" community, I thank Bill, and as you can see TSA did today too!


William Giorgis said:

Supporting our local TSA agents as they continue to provides for our security while unpaid by our government. If you’re able to reach out to your local airport you can check and see if you might be able to bring them lunch, dinner or snacks for the agents who are continuing to work without a paycheck. It’s a small thing that we can do to support our TSA our Airport security at MBS international airport.

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