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weight of a Holmes 460 with factory body


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02-17-06: OldHolmes460user Wrote,

Any idea what one weighs? I have to go get one and need to make sure I bring the right trailer. Michael, Spanky, any ideas??? The body is not a chariot body, it's the more modern early 60s body.

I am guessing between 2000 - 2500 lbs


Wes Wilburn said:

Well, I looked in the manual and could not find any info on weight, and the 470 factory brochure did not have weight info as well... but I have asked several "knowledgeable sources" and so far, here is the response...

George Connolly said he believes his 460 weighs about 2500-2800 with chains, snatch blocks etc.. His is a smaller body and he said if it were the larger body with the really big toolbox it would add about 1000lbs

He also mentioned a few years ago he went to buy a 460 mast but did not because him and Jerry bullock could not pick it up to load it on the truck... this was just the mast, no winches no nothing..
Please be safe out there!!!


OldHolmes460user said:

Yikes! Now I know why it's called "old iron". I have a 1980 brochure for a Holmes 500 and it says weight less body is 1500 lb. So I figured 1000 lb more for the body. But maybe the old 470 has more iron in it than the 500.



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