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Family, friends remember deceased tow truck driver (NM)


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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – The highway was pitch black. The roads were icy and a state police officer needed assistance. Tow truck driver Pat Cisneros was there to help.


“At the end of the day he was a hero,” said Tony Romero, a friend who also worked at the towing company. “He jumped out of that truck that morning wanting to help somebody.”


That morning, while trying to make sure someone else got home safely, 50-year-old Patrick Cisneros didn't make it home.


“I got up to work to get ready and Pat wasn't there,” said Tessa Cisneros, his wife. “I thought that's weird pat hasn't called me to wake me up. So I jumped in the shower to get ready, and he still hasn't called. So I called him, and he wouldn't answer and he wouldn't answer, kept calling him and he wouldn't answer.”


She turned on the news and heard there had been a tow truck accident on the freeway.


“So then I called one of the drivers back again and said can you go check cause Pat's not answering his phone,” said Tessa. “He went and checked and he told me. It was Pat.”


“I don't know how to explain it. I'm just blocking everything out. I don't. I can't. I can't think of any memory I have,” Tessa explained.


“He was dedicated. He was loyal. He was a hard worker,” said Romero.


“My dad was never afraid to meet people. You know everywhere we'd go it was. My dad knew somebody,” said his son Ruben Palafox.


As they remember him this weekend, they hope others will also remember the man who risked his life to save others.


“I'm getting messages from people that he towed you know their car broke down on the freeway and she's like I'm thankful for him because if it wasn't for him getting there so quickly and getting us out of the way, we probably would've been hit on the freeway,” said Tessa.





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