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1963 Ford / Holmes 220


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10-26-05: Unknown Member Posted:


1963 Ford with a old Holmes bed looks rounded in the back like a 515. I think it had single wheels. The paint looked fair, just had a valve job. It is owned by a local shop that bought it brand new. He says everything works, it was getting dark, Ill check it out tomorrow. What kind of money is it worth he wants to sell it. I want it but don't know if I want to deal with restoring it.





Da Wash Boss said:

its only worth what one wants to pay. there is an ass for every seat out there. i paid $800.00 for a 1971 ford f-350 with 17,000 original miles and the truck was a very solid truck only rust was bottom of drivers door and it was just starting. truck runs great and was fully equipped. without seeing pictures i would start at $700.00 and go from there.
Danny Cassello


Spanky said:

If it's a Holmes 515 Traffic King, with the "Chariot" Style Service Body. The wrecker unit itself, is older than 1963. The last Holmes 515, was built in August, of 1953.


TowZone said:

Yep, I want the bed you can have the Old Ford truck.
I got another in mind which is much more deserving.


Spanky said:

That's not a Holmes 515. Unless you can find, some Holmes Identification, on it. I'd bet, that it's not a Holmes Wrecker, at all. At least, I've never seen, any evidence, of a Holmes Wrecker like this.


DrHook541 said:

It is a Holmes 220. I brightened up the image and can read the nameplate ...

Same as the Holmes 440, but with an electric winch

.sigdrhook541.gifC'ya in the ditch.


Spanky said:

You're right, I couldn't see the crane setup. That service body, can't be Holmes material.


Michael212 said:

Ya it's worth $700.00. I doesn't look like a Holmes Bed. Though the bed doesn't look too bad cosmetically!
Go for it !!!!!



Spanky said:

Since it's not a Factory Orig. Truck. $2500 tops, in my book. That's only if it runs. That's only my opinion. Hope, i'm not offending anyone here.


Towzone said:

$650 maybe $750 depending on what parts someone wants. It's just my opinion cause all I'd want is the chariot style bed. The truck isn't worth restoring again my opinion and the boom is ________ maybe I shouldn't say it's that plan. There's always a place in history. Would be neat to see it on ebay, spanky you really think it would bring $2500?


Spanky said:

Not really, I was just being polite.


Unknown member said:

Now that's a cool truck. Plus it's a Ford! I'm into old Ford trucks like some guys are into Mustangs and Camaros. This might be a biased opinion but that truck, if it were running, would be worth $1500 to me. It's unique enough that I would fix it up to new (stock) condition and enter it in vintage truck shows. Great find. The way the curved lines of the bed run off the subtle curves of the front end look good. If it has an FE engine in it and it's factory original I'd go as high a $2K on it. However these are prices coming from an enthusiast of this old iron, it's not an objective view based on using it as a commercial, for profit truck.



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