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tow dollies 4.80 vs 5.70

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I have dollies with 4.80 tires that need replacing and wondering if someone has experience with both sizes?
does the bar on the 5.70 ones pull over noticeably harder on small or large vehicles? any difference in stability of towed vehicle?
Blackautoload said:
4.80s are for short impounds / repos.
5.70s are for commercial towing.... far superior!!  
Way more lift is provided with the increased tire size and the tires don't get as hot.  Not harder to engage or unstable.
Most mounts are different for the two sizes as well.
someotherplace said:
Agreed on application for the different sizes.  The capacity is higher on the 5.70's for sure, too.

The assemblies will be heavier to lug around if you dolly a lot, so keep that in mind.

And yeah, you either buy new 4.80 tires for your existing dollies or you buy a completely different set of dollies to go up to 5.70.

FYI you can get way better deals on dolly tires than most suppliers, if you shop around a bit.  Do note that the typical Carlisle Sport Trail 4.80 is available in two load ranges - B and C - with C being the one supplied with the dollies originally.  Load range B is NOT good enough; don't be tempted by the cheaper price.

Last set of 4.80's I bought, I got brand new load range C Carlisles shipped to me for about $25/ea. off ebay, just a couple months ago.

ESC tubegreen.gif said:
We run the 4.80 on our trucks... works out well.  I have a set of the 5.70... they are similar, a bit more clearance, a bit heavier.  personally i like the 4.80 for what we are doing.  if i was regularly towing larger vehicles and for long distance go for the 5.70.  we also take great care of our bearings and all with regularly greasing and cleaning of the bearings.  i keep extra tires in stock.  If you have an account with ATD (shop wholesale account) tires are around $17 each.  Tire Buyer online is around $25 each (they are the retail division of ATD).   Stick to the Load C Carlisle, they work great.
TowZone said:
"a bit more clearance, a bit heavier."

I found the added clearance is to be a value. However, the value did not overcome the weigh. A bit heavier is quite noticeable if you use them often.

"personally i like the 4.80 for what we are doing."

I agree, for an everyday application the 4.80 is better.

"if i was regularly towing larger vehicles and for long distance go for the 5.70"

Yes, if distances of 40 miles or more are regular then I would say the 5.70

"we also take great care of our bearings and all with regularly greasing and cleaning of the bearings."

Good maintenance will make any piece of equipment last longer.

"i keep extra tires in stock."

Keeping them mounted on rims saves time as well.
ESC tubegreen.gif said:
I do keep an extra wheel and tire in each truck as well as a good spare.   Plus at least a new set of 4 tires in our supply shed.  Always a must to have a spare.  I have blown a few dolly tires on the highway myself.
shoptow said:
Thanks I thought the frames were the same,apparently not. I will be buying new 4.80 tires. Glad I asked
someotherplace said:
I've carried a good spare dolly tire/wheel in my toolbox for many years.  One thing I learned when switching to dollies with aluminum wheels...a regular 4-way lug wrench will not fit into the lug hole on the wheel!  You need to carry a breaker bar with a socket for these.  Just a heads-up. :)

ESC tubegreen.gif said:
The frames on the ITD look identical, but when you look close there are some differences.  One thing I had happen years back... the metal valve stem caps corrode.  replace them with plastic.  One corroded on me one night, and i went to remove it and it snapped off the metal stem.   I have since stocked extra stems for them, and use all plastic valve caps now.
Basketcasetech said:
If you run Collins dollies the frames are the same. Same part number even. ITD are different. With 5.70s you will go farther between bearing changes and can go highway speeds (within reason) without risking tire problems. And the higher lift is great.
shoptow said:
Mine are diversified I could not see difference in part numbers, but didn't know for sure so I bought 4.80s
PlanBTransport said:
We have three sets of dollies, all from different manufacturers, 2 sets in 4.80 and 1 set in 5.70
The added height is nice with the larger tires, they handle the weight better, I feel better at highway speed but they are much heavier compared to the smaller tire counterpart.
As far as cheap tires, tell me where to find them, I just replace a 5.70 tire with the exact same brand and it cost $100 for a load range D
someotherplace said:
PlanB - look on eBay in the tire section and search 5.70-8 and you'll see Carlisle "USA Trail" tires in load range D for $56/ea, shipped.  Seller name is tire-easy, same one I got my 4.80 Carlisles from.  There's a few other brands on there offering 5.70's in load D but I dunno if I'd vary from Carlisle.

Basketcasetech said:
We run the hi-run tires. Not quite as good as the Carlisle but they are only $35 or so online, we get them under $30 from our wholesaler when we buy a few at a time. At half the cost of a Carlisle and getting about %80 life of a Carlisle it's more cost effective. You can even order them pre mounted on a 5 lug wheel for around $55 if you look.
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