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single lane upright w/ bags  

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Topic Originally Created in April of 2009:


we were dispatched to a t/t rollover with lane blockage mm 60.1 nb I-87. I responded with my 9055 and on scene I found the unit on its passenger side in the left lane. I made a quick assessment and found a 53' dry box loaded with paper products with an estimated total weight to upright @ 65-70000lbs. I opened the trailer doors and the trailer had metal lined walls and the trailer was mostly intact. I called to the shop for 2 rotators a tractor and the recovery truck with air bags. I felt this was a bag job from the start and to offload was a distant option as the evening rush was approaching, and keeping the traffic flowing was a priority. We placed the 60 rotator at the rear of the trailer and the 75 in front for the pre-pick to block and insert the bags after that the bags did their job. I relocated my 9055 on the sb shoulder to upright the tractor as the 2 tators assisted the bags and provided catch lines. after the unit was up we split the unit and took the trailer to our Montgomery location loading docks to transfer the load into another trailer a few days later and the tractor was towed to our Vails Gate location and then we towed to the company's terminal later in the week.









bulldog1635 said:

great job in tight quarters.
do you think you should have used shorter straps? it seems like you had to boom up to finish getting the trailer on its wheels?
bull dog


Woody39 said:

the pics are a little deceiving but we used 20' straps on the lift and 10' straps on the catch. I think we could have used the 15' straps on the lift but the boss likes the 20's and he is....well the boss..lol


xcessiveforce53 said:

yes you could have used the 15's to lift and the 20's to control, but either way the job looks very well executed.

very nice job and all your equipment looks great.......


kwhook6 said:

Nice job and great looking trucks! Just something I learned on this forum that I was very useful was to use the front rotator to control the tracter coming down. Maybe the drag or the boom winch to the towhook or ? A nice soft landing to finish the job is allway a plus. Maybe you did this -could not see in pics. Let me know what you think.Great recovery and WHO put that bridge there!!! LEE


BigWheelRecovery said:

Looks like a wreckmaster training class on how to do it the right way,Super job BOB
Heavytowman12 said:
Looking at the third & fourth photo it looks like no catch / control line hooked up at that time. Then in photo five it's there was that done later for a reason or did someone say hey. We better rig our control / catch lines just wondering. Great recovery!
Scooby said:
looks to be a great job by some great people. Can't say enough about M biggs and his crew, he has some great equipment and knows how to use it. and to add, nice bag job
Woody39 said:
heavytowman12...at first we were just going to blow it over but it had been raining and the shoulder was a bit soft and on a negative slope, we rigged for the catch after it started coming up. sometimes you rethink after you start
kwhook6...we didnt catch the tractor. but I dont think it was necessary it landed shortly before the trailer with little frame twist
Tony...tway was extremely happy we kept traffic flowing. we had Lou and Paul from traffic safety on scene with us and were amazed. 1st time seeing bags used
Heavytowman12 said:
woody39 I know what your talking about. The whole time I doing a recovery I'm thinking and rethinking. Nice job!
Bill said:
Two Rotators a 9055 and Air-Bags,it does not get any better then that. Great recovery.Better yet another QUALITY recovery.
Bill Ludewig Ernies Wrecker Service Vernon Hills Illinois
Scooby said:
woody we where thinking, that would have been a nice job for the landing cushions.

we will be demoing them at lake George this year

hint hint...
bbery52 said:
Simply Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bigred60 said:
Gotta love it when a plan comes together! There's nothing quite like when experience and the right equipment are at the right place at the same time.
njChuck said:
Nice job as usual, how exactly did he manage to roll it on the the right side in the left lane of the road?
woody39 said:
the driver went off the road 500ft before the bridge and rode the guiderail in the median blowing off most of the brake chambers on the way back out to the road he hit the construction barrier and the temporary bridge support and that is what caused him to roll over

Brendan that was under the exit 17 overpass
Scooby said:
its funny, when jobs get commented on at a latter date they get brought back to the fore front.

In looking at this job again....it deserves aa second nod...great job
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