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Ice Cream Anybody  

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Originally Posted on Tow411 in August of 2008:


we responded to a henderson pd , pat arrived to find a full loaded truck of ice cream. in order to try
and save the load we called in quality towing for there airbags to assist in turning the truck

Rod Midkiff said:

I would so love to be playing like that..!!
though I do ponder why the Drive line was not removed before the upright.. (I see front and rear axles pulled on one side)...
?? what's the thought on the X chains on the bottom of the trailer.... I'm guessing to help keep the main beams from moving during the upright...??
very cool recovery.. I would loved to be a part of that..
Stay safe, Rod


MTA415 said:

Rod, you cross chain the bottom of the trailer on loaded ones. Helps keep it straight and also helps from blowing the floor out and off of the side rails when it comes over. Looks like they slid the trailer tandems forward too which helps immensely. Looks good from where I'm standing...
Kurt Frazier said:
i was the first one to post, when pat get back from playing in la, i am sure he'll have another thirty or so pictures. think i saw ramon with a camera so he could have a few also.
trainning steps boys and girls, that is what we use these pictures for.
WM060071 said:
just wondering it looks like you got it up 4 inches or so why then use the cushions. Why not go ahead and take it all the way. But still a great job!
BigWheelRecovery said:
I just read your reply on the air bag use,you are correct in everything you said.Some times tower will question you on why you did whatever but as I research the questioner a little I realize that they don't own the piece of equipment that there questioning such as Tater or in this case air bags, so they just don't understand how valuable they are to any heavy recovery,now in this case I'm not sure if thats the case but any recovery company would have used they bags on this differcult job if they owned a set. A job done well, thanks for the free class ! BOB
Kurt Frazier said:
rember what the ins claims guy said about wine and dining him, he needs to be wine and dining us. for 50k
Jamie Dougherty said:
That was a TEXT BOOK AIR BAG RECOVERY! The reasoning you gave for the use of airbags was right on the money. I have always been on the school to work smarter not harder. Air cushions when properly used will make you look like you are a god.
danielswt said:
what did you guys rig to on the initial lift to get the straps under the trailer?

Kurt Frazier said:
right on kenny, if the ins adjuster throws down a 50k tip we would all have a party, a real mean one where you have to think a few days to remember just what happened the night before. have had a few of thoes before, cant remember them, but i do look forward to the next.
keep up with pat on the recovery course, he is putting it together with wess. ill just be the one doing all the work.
WM060071 said:
Hey guys I wasn't trying to come off as a know it all or a smarty! I wasn't there, ive never delt with ice cream. But I do understand why you did what you did when you said the side wasn't coming up with you. I would have done the same thing. But I couldnt see under the trailer in the pics. Thanks for the res ponce I do have cushion's and access to a ta-tor. My primary truck is a 2003 9055 THANKS again MATT
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