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Early Holmes Dollies


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Topic Originally Created by Kevin Moore in October of 2013:


I need a picture of the earliest holmes dollies made. I bought an old 53 ford and would like to buy a set of dollies.
Thank you


HornTow said:

     I'm curious as well. At 43 years old, the first type I remember were on two Holmes 480's & one 500 - they mounted on each tire-well with two bolts on Wrecker Body having 2 "Stationary" sets of wheels, 2 pipes with holes @ each end for pins to secure assembly; lastly, there were 2 "Pans" that went across the pipes where the tire (or bare rim) sat in.  The pan(s) had a pin welded to them to go into one of several holes to adjust for width, but seemed like most people cut them off....the weight of the casualty took care of all pins actually.  Not sure about straps, but I know we used short chains to wrap around both pipes and A-Frame/Axle to add the Safety element.  Also, I remember a metal plate riveted to each dolly - Black & Silver with the "HOLMES" imprint raised from the plate.  They weren't that hard to use, but either you had a jack on each side or you used the wrecker to lift "Dolly End" of vehicle, assemble pipes and Dollies & roll underneath while twisting/sliding, or put together underneath vehicle. I will try to find a picture of them, but might take a few days.

     This may be "off-topic", but I also remember being introduced to Corvette Bars as they were named to me.  They attached to the A-Frames @ the front end, with an aluminum I-Beam with a "Holmes" badge on the I-Beam.  There was a strip of rubber (@ 1/2" thick)  riveted to the flat surface to help hold the beam in place, which went from side to side just behind the bumper to drop Hooking Point to Tow Sling, and could easily be used today on several vehicles in my opinion.  I have the two bars, with an inner portion & short chain section welded @ the end, that slid thru an outer sleeve to create a "C-Clamp" to the A-Frame, etc.  Just brought this up to see if anybody has pics of this as well, and where I might find the original I-Beam, or what these bars are worth, not bent or twisted - just need painting.  


 Come on Holmes "Pros", we know y'all are out there!
     Thanks, Grayson Horn


slimsanta said:

You make me feel old, I have a set of both.


geno54 said:

l have a 1955 Holmes Catalog & 1955 & 1957 Price Sheets. No Dollies listed. I found a late 50's Weldbilt Catalog that has them. The first Holmes "Speed King Dollies" I remember seeing was on brand new factory installed T&C Holmes 500 on a 1966 Chevrolet 2 ton. It was a Chevy Dealers from a Silver Book order so it had every accessory. They looked the same as Grayson described.


Spanky said:

2012-05-31154953.jpgThey should look like this.



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The bars you are talking about I believe they were called T 105  I am looking for the small blocks or risers for my set if any one has extras

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