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Box truck on it's side

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Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in March or 2006:


This one happened today on the highway. It was loaded with family belongings that we being moved to another state. The truck was off-loaded to prevent any further damage to the box that was sustained in the initial accident.The driver went to the hospital with minor injuries. Thanks!
Da Wash Boss said:
Jared, NICE JOB, CONGRATULATIONS,,,, job well done I dont know how you did it without a rotator,,,,,, just kidding. I like that truck very nice wrecker you have there. Would like to have seen a catch line on the other side but other then that nice pics and great job. Wrecker looks good!!!!!!!!!!!

Danny Cassello
Foxtow82 said:
Thank you all for the great compliments.The homeowner was actually the driver of this the box truck.Most of the belongings were recovered that was not damaged.The wrecker is a 1996 Chevy Kodiak with a Century 4024 on it.The truck only has 41,000 original miles on it,very versatile unit.
Ed Barker said:
Nice job Jared,good ol' 4024,they are a very handy unit
ASAPautomotive said:
Sure hope that driver took out the optional insurance...Nice job, nice truck.

Tanks fer da pics...Donny
"Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift, That is why they call it the Present"...unk
Bighook18 said:
Thanks for the pics.. that are great!! If you scroll down real fast, it looks like a movie . lol
Todd Pell
HDtowman85 said:
Save money, move it yourself. Boy that backfired. Nice job.
wmjohnwm91095 said:
Those rental companies will let anyone who is 21 and has a valid DL drive those trucks. I worked for one of them for 13 years so I know first hand. We had a homeowner once who wrecked two trucks in less than 1 hour and the idiot rental agent was about to rent him a third one until the service department stepped in. Trucks that big, GVWR of 25,500 and NO CDL REQUIRED! Very scary!web-banner-hoag2.jpg
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