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When my husband and I started our towing business, we really didn’t research how or what to name our towing company, we decided to use our family name and then add what we do: “service and towing.” After doing some checking online, we should have done more research and been more creative.

I looked up “how to name your towing company” and along with lots of tips, they listed cool, catchy, funny, creative and unique towing company names to choose from – literally hundreds of them.

According to marketing experts, creative names are about thinking outside the box. They are memorable because they’re different. A name sparks curiosity and paints a picture. They stress simplicity with a name that speaks to your reliability and trustworthiness. It tells a potential client that you are the best choice — solid, dependable and always there.

Being very specific in choosing a name can be a game changer. Narrowing the name down to include tow trucks or towing lets your clientele know exactly what you do, sets expectations, delivers precision and sounds professional and to the point.

A towing company’s name isn’t just a label, it’s an identity. A strong name combined with exceptional service, can put you at the top.

One of the tips advised that before finalizing a name or slogan, seek feedback. I like the slogan “hooked on helping,” because I think that’s what my towing company does. When our first web designer researched the slogan with some people outside of the industry, she said most of them thought that our business had something to do with fishing!

While we didn’t come up with a clever name to put on our tow trucks, I believe our family name has worked in our community for the quality towing and recovery services we offer.

We ended up using the slogan: Helping you have a better day!


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It's like the face of your business—it needs to be memorable and instantly convey what you're about.  It's fascinating to learn about the intricacies of branding and how a well-chosen name can make all the difference. And kudos to you for sticking to your family name despite the temptation to go for something trendier. It sounds like you've built a solid reputation in your community, and that's worth its weight in gold. Speaking of which, if anyone's interested in mastering probate attorney SEO trends for 2024, I found this insightful article https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/mastering-probate-attorney-seo-trends-2024-essential-strategies-hxspc/. It's always good to stay ahead of the curve, right?

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