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Tow truck left hanging after being sideswiped by BMW (CA)

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- Chula Vista police are looking for a hit and run driver who hit a tow truck, forcing it off the road and then rear-ended another vehicle.

“I was in the lane closest to the curb. A car in the other lane came over cut me off and hit me -- sideswiped me -- and shoved me off the road and into a ditch,” said tow truck driver Robert Davis. “And then hit another car and then took off.”


Davis works for Tony’s Auto Center. After the crash, his truck hung precariously off the edge of a Chula Vista ditch. He said he needs to buy a lottery ticket today.


“That’s where I’m going after this, to get checked out and get one of those,” said Davis.


He said a white BMW sideswiped him on H Street in Chula Vista and forced him off the road.

“I’m a little sore on my left shoulder,” said Davis. “Honestly I was just hoping it would stop and wouldn’t get hurt any worse than what I was.”


Davis wasn’t seriously injured. The BMW went on to rear-end another vehicle after sideswiping Davis’ tow truck. Chula Vista police say it happened just before 11 a.m. Tuesday, and they are looking for the driver responsible.


“I didn’t see what he looked like. It was a white BMW is all I know,” said Davis.


Chula Vista police say the white four-door BMW sedan will have some heavy front-end damage.



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