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1954 Ford Holmes 525


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Topic Originally posted by Paulie 417 in January of 2007:


I learned to tow with this truck in the late 70's.
It was retired in 1995




Spanky said:

Now that's "AWESOME". Is it still around? Any more pictures of it anywhere? Antique Holmes Wrecker, & a COE. You can't beat that combination.


Is the '54 ford COE still around. Looks to be a "Big Job" C700, or C800, with Air Brakes. I know of a Farmer that has a '54 Ford C800 COE Flat Dump, that's still in use, near my job. I also meet a nice '51, or '52 F800 flat dump, along Hwy 70, in Greensboro alot, on the way to work.


Paulie 417 said:

Spanky, As I remember the truck was a big job 700 W/juice brakes. It scraped in 1995, upstate NY road salt did it in.


Spanky said:

The reason, I said Air brakes, is it's looks like it has a Air Horn, on top. Did it have a Holmes Tow cradle, on the back. I've got a Holmes 525, on a '53 Chevy COE. Thanks, for posting this picture.


michael212 said:

Wow That is a cool pic. If you do run across more pics Do post. I am Kinda like Spanky, but I'm a Ford guy. No offense Spanky. It's just that we hardly get any old ford pics....

Check out the Double Front bumpers. I have one like that with 3. That was popular to do back then.

Thanks For sharing.
Michael 212



Ed Barker said:

Thanks for sharing,really neat,,,,its no wonder they ran it for 41 years ,,,,,

they were towing for AAA,,,,,,,,,



Da Wash Boss said:

Thats a nice truck!!!!!!!
Danny Cassello


Underdog said:

Great old picture. Please post more if you have them.
Stay safe, Rich


Paulie 317 said:

Hello! I found this pic. today I repainted It for the owners in 1980 I wasen't crazy about the red wheels but rule #1 Boss is always right !!!





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