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Big Rats, little rats...


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This Topic was originally created in March of 2008:


Ok, security cameras take care of the big rats. How about little rats, mice and little things that get in cars and campers on a storage lot. Any sugestions that won't kill the ocassional cat or dog that may visit every now and then?


TowGirlFL said:

Glue traps, mouse traps.....hidden from the larger animals of course.
My favorite is D-Con Rat bait....have to hide that very well!!! It will kill a cat or dog.


twinbulls said:

We have yard cats...Speed bump and barb....They keep the rodents away...
Speed bump was hit buy a car and dragged its rear around for a couple mo.Is ok now sorta..
Barb was caught in the barbwire I had to cut it out...its tail was messed up... its fine now..
I feed them every few days...They also keep watch over the yard..
And there are a few others that roam around....Every now and then I find a dog locked in the yard.???...They run out when I open the gate...That will wake ya up in the morning ...LOL !!

I lock up all the cars and I crashwrap all open windows.....

I am more worried about the BIG rats on two feet.....then some little mouse....


wreckerman05 said:

i am real particular and hate varmints-- we have a neighbor on one side of my lot that piles all his trash and yard waste right up to my fence..


well we had a problem with the rats (big dudes) coming and burrowing under my building =i could see the path they were taking- looked like the interstate highway-- i asked them to help with the problem and he refused to help-- so i made me some dog proof bait boxes( i have 3 dogs ) not sure the name of poison i used ( bought at hardware--big green pellets,like dog food ) drys them up and the smell wasn't that bad, but in less then a week they disappeared and haven't had a problem lately-- get you a old car wheel, lay it flat on the ground-put the poison in a plastic drink bottle(end of bottle cut off) they go thru the hole in wheel-they like to eat in privacy, gourmet feeding at it best-- i put out some poison occasionally and no problems lately-- good luck i hate those critters.


towme8697 said:

Thanks for the help. The wheel deal should do the trick.


sptow said:

If your going to use poison, the best i've found is called Just One Bite. We get it at the local feed stores. It comes in a package with 4 bars. You can break it up and use it in places you've noticed the nasty varmints in. The good thing about this stuff is it dries them out from the inside so you don't get the smell. We have about 10 acres and can't keep cats because of the coyotes. We do have a couple of dogs and they don't seem to mess with it. They're to busy chasing rabbits or raccoons.



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