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use your brain.

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It sucks that life's are lost trying to help others. flashing lights 10 cop cars 3 wreckers .  don't matter.  don't slow down/move over. had more than one close call myself. 

that being said.  new young drivers need to be shown the way and use there head.  mistakes kill as well. 

was coming home to PA from just west of Huston. middle of the night in my own truck with a trailer and a 62 dodge dart on it. just cruzzin 80/85 with the trucks making time.

we see red and blues in the grass and slow down and i was going to let the 18 wheeler over when we see a rollback with no lights on top and only his park lamps on in the left lane. 

cops lights are bright as hell and didn't see him until we were almost rite on top of him.

i hit the shoulder so the guy next to me could move over... 

holy shit it was on a bridge...  and im heading for the end of the wall !!! 

the driver next to me must have seen it as well  i heard full jake. I put foot to floor.  got back in the right lane only by inches before the butt end of the bridge wall. 

thank god the driver seen it and had the smarts to all but lock them up so i could get back..... 

we were all over the 2way hoping DPS could hear us to get some lights on that rollback.

guess my point is we can't count on folks watching out for us  and need to not put our self's in harms way with stupid moves like that. 

if i had hit that thing head on ... pop and I and the 4 trucks i was running with would be dead and probly the driver ( not a operator thats for sure) of the rollback .. maby a cop as well. 

stupid kills on both sides. 

sadly we all have that one call we will never forget. maby the sound of a pack of trucks on full jake and some guys 2500 with  screaming turbo's will make him more careful next time.




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