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And now Im stealing cars

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I have one golden rule that seems to bite me whenever I dont obey it. Never leave for a job before you have talked witht he owner of the car and have confirmation of all details. 


WELLUGH. You know sometimes theres reasons why I choose to not follow my own rules. Late night cant get ahold of the customer need to get going so im not out any later than necc. thats probably the main reason. And it bites me 50% of the time. 


Last night there was a little change up here. Dispatch states customer does not have cell phone. They give me a number I called it its not a working number. So I head out its full on dark. The pick up location is a street but its more like a short alley .I find the house no garage only a small concrete pad cars not there no one’s answering. I walk the block. The next door neighbors garage is open and theres a car backed into it with the FRUNK open. Yep its a Tesla tow. I knock no answer. Dispatch invoice states car is unlocked key card is in cup holder. Car is supposed to be a Black 2015 Tesla Model S. I have no license or VIN. The car is a black 2019 model 3 keys are in the cup holder. Ill restate this garage is open frunk is open ( like there telling me this is the car) and the key card is in the cup holder. 


Now if this was any other dispatch system than one that starts with an A and ends with an O and has a G an E an R in the middle id have called and waited for someone at dispatch to tell me whats up. But there ability to get half the information right half the time leaves me with the beliefs that this is the right car there is no other street with this name and there are not many teslas rolling around in this right wing gun toten town. So I decide to hook it up. 


Im all but wrapped up loading it when the owner of said car comes out and he is pissed off. Took 45 minutes to get him calmed down and proved to him im working off a sketchy dispatch at the address at the house right next to it and theres just so many things that made this seem like the right car. Im finally liberated and hes taking pictures and making sure i have not and am not damaging his car. Fortunately I own one and have a pretty solid understanding of how to load and unload one. 


Couple hours later Agero calls me back they found the car its at a gas station 4 miles away customer still cant be reached. So now I guess I need a VIN or a license number on every job before I even think about leaving. One more golden rule to break at midnight.  I remember them sending me down a private gated driveway in the middle of no where and was met with a not so happy gun toten man with a large aggressive dog. I can tell you this guy moved out here because he does not like people. The actual car was about 10 miles away from the pick up address. Its like there GPS software is throwing darts or something. 


glad to not have any bullet holes in me. 

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