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De rated trucks to get below 26,000 pounds

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It’s crazy how we as a whole ( talking towing businesses) have killed the platform of a truck rated to actually do the job we’re going to use it for. 

i want to buy a 33,000 gvw roll back. There almost fictional. The de rated trucks are hard enough to find but an actual truck meant to do the job and be LEGAL well thats another story. 

I’ve talked with a number of other towers who have the dont rock the boat belief, then theres others who must have absolutely no idea of what there truck weight is let alone the weight of the object there towing. I get weighed often enough to know when my truck and your trucks over weight. Maybe knowing isnt helping me. I recall talking to a guy at a tow class who thought he was legal with a one ton dually and camper on his 19,000 roll back. He actually got upset when I told him he’s overweight he’ll he was overweight with the one tons front axle on the deck. 

myself I cross state lines a lot isn’t very often i don’t pass at least two or three weigh stations a week and in a busy week a lot. I also fill a junk car with scrap iron for our automotive shops. Legally I ask myself when are the troopers going to start writing us tickets and if one or two of them in my normal travels gets a bug up his ass now I’m a target. the other is the what ifs like a fatality crash that I get caught up in. Even if I’m not at fault and the lawyers start doing the math on weights now what happens. And they don’t even have to weigh you to know they can google your payload and truck weight never even pull out scale. I hear  about towing boats and the troopers will google the boat and know for a fact your over width before they even pull out a tape measure. 

another factor in these de rated trucks they have lighter running gear and powertrain. Given the costs of a new medium duty roll back the last thing I want is a weaker transmission and suspension. What’s another $10,000 at this point. 

next up is the EV trucks there going to put a lot of roll backs over weight pretty much all of them registered under 26,000 pounds and there coming there’s now half a dozen Rivian trucks in my tiny little town. Hell a model S plaid will do it as well. 

while this has been on my mind a while my brother in law got his CDL eight days ago got two tickets on his first weigh station had a nail in a tire and his fire extinguishers mount was loose. Talk about under the microscope. If they adopt this policy for tow trucks what happens after I dump $180k into a de rated truck and the jobs I bought it for put me over weight. I know it’s hard to guess what the future holds but I’m thinking about if we have to start following the actual laws in this area. 

or am I just overthinking this. 


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