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Topic Originally Created by Da Wash Boss in June of 2009:


Had this bro at my shop today we had to degrease it and help get it ready for paint. Just a few pics before during and after.


Here it is before we started it.


plunskesbro1.md.jpg plunskesbro2.md.jpg plunskesbro3.md.jpg plunskesbro4.md.jpg plunskesbro5.md.jpg plunskesbro6.md.jpg


My guy Johnny going to town on it.

plunskesbro7.md.jpg plunskesbro8.md.jpg plunskesbro10.md.jpg plunskesbro11.md.jpg



plunskesbro12.md.jpg plunskesbro14.md.jpg plunskesbro15.md.jpg plunskesbro16.md.jpg plunskesbro17.md.jpg plunskesbro18.md.jpg


All done off to the paint shop now.
Danny Cassello
TRPC "EST 1963"


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Wreckerman05 said:


looked pretty good like it was--good looking Pete--I guess color change ????


Authorizedtowing said:

That's what I was thinking I would drive that just the way it is well maybe lose the blue bug shield and a few more lights but the paint didn't look bad from here


Da Wash Boss said:

Truck does look good until you look at it, it has some battle scares on it. Body is staying red and whatever is yellow will be painted a silver type color. If you look close you will notice the new cylinders on the boom and thats the color that is replacing the yellow. Will keep you posted with progress pictures.

Danny Cassello
TRPC "EST 1963"


Vulcanuk said:

i like that truck good looking single axle heavy duty, ive never seen a bro with that type of boom with two extensions before,


jimmypinktruck said:

Danny, I have two vortox stainless air cleaners, with the pete emblems on them for sale if you are interested. Nice looking truck, what do you have planned for it.


njChuck said:

Please keep them coming cant wait, never knew that unit was available with a 3 stage boom, still love a heavy single axle.


j hook 74 said:

Wow that 3 stage boom must be real nice on a 2 axle truck. Nice looking truck. Even better looking with new paint im sure.


PGhrist said:

Wish that was my bro... lol, nice job!!!
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