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Da Wash Boss originally added these vintage images in November of 2009:


Alright everyone, Thursday night I went out to dinner and I run into my close and long time friend Jim Plunske. Of course we talk trucks and family and then I asked him about getting photos from him to post on 411. Invites me to come on over and after an up to date tour and a close inspection of my old wrecker that they just did over and then going on a police tow he opens up the photo vault.

The pictures they have are priceless, hundreds upon hundreds of photos. Being close friends of going on 30 years he has trusted me to scan the photos and post them. I cannot thank him enough both him and his brother. The three of us were opening up boxes of photos until 1:30am.

I have my work cut out for me and I hope everyone will enjoy the photos. I cannot thank the Plunske Family enough of allowing me to do this. Please keep in mind these are some beautiful vintage trucks that are in use today and on a daily basis.

Stay tune and again I hope everyone enjoys the photos.

Steel truck roll over


Plunske091.md.jpg Plunske092.md.jpg Plunske093.md.jpg Plunske094.md.jpg Plunske095.md.jpg Plunske096.md.jpg Plunske097.md.jpg


Portable Mixer Stuck


Plunske098.md.jpg Plunske099.md.jpg


Nice all wheel drive ford on a job




Beautiful Peterbilt Bro




Classic Holmes H475 In Action




The Cleanest silent hoist in the world






The newest addition to the fleet, this classic Loadstar with weld built body


Plunske0916.md.jpg Plunske0917.md.jpg


And people say these trucks never see snow,,, Guess again,,,,,


Plunske0918.md.jpg Plunske0919.md.jpg Plunske0920.md.jpg Plunske0921.md.jpg



Beautiful 1962 Ford with weld built body




Nice clean Ford with Holmes body




This is Mr. Wayne Plunske's personal favorite.




A couple of the Flatbeds. They have 4 total here are 2 of them.


Plunske0925.md.jpg Plunske0926.md.jpg


Red Pete said:

Connecticuts own Towing Musuem.


BandCTow said:

Great pic!! Thanks for posting them and thank to Plunskes for sharing them with us.



townhooker said:

Lets see more of the W45 in action! Wow.. awsome trucks, beautiful fleet! Keep'm coming!


michael212 said:

It's always a treat to see equipment like that.

Thanks for Sharing....
Michael Myers
Cloverleaf70 said:
jimmypinktruck said:
Danny, be sure to thank them for all of us. What a first class outfit.
Bill Ludewig said:
Plunske's truly is a first class Towing Company.Better people you will not find. And there trucks are among the best looking wrecker around. Thanks for posting the pictures Danny.
Bill Ludewig Ernies Wrecker Service Vernon Hills Illinois
teams251 said:
Beautiful trucks Danny thanks for posting.In pic #16 what is behind the carrier?The underlift looks like a Bro but I don't recall the lift cylinders being on the sides I always remember them mounted one in front of the other under the boom.Great people at Plunskes picked up a wrecked truck there many years ago I think my boss at the time thought I got lost I was there so long looking at their beautiful equipment.
Da Wash Boss said:

Thanks everyone for the great compliments and emails and phone calls. The Plunskes are a great bunch of people with a better then first class operation.

Todd, yes the truck in the background is a bro. Its a bro with an over boom.



With many thanks to Jimmy and Danny Plunske I will have hundreds of more Plunskes Power photos to post. I should have another treat next week as I got a phone call today from another tow company who also operates some old fine equipment and he would like me to post his photos for him. I told him by all means please send them and I will post them and return them. Hopefully many more great photos to look forward to. Again thanks again everyone for the great comments.

Danny Cassello
TRPC "EST 1963"


Bussards said:

They have got to have the cleanest fleet I have ever seen. For driving around in snow like that they all look like just came off the show room floor. Truly amazing! It's company's like these that give the towing industry a good name! Keep the pictures coming!


Da Wash Boss said:

Thanks Clay, Pictures do not do these trucks justice. You need to see them in person. Even in person you will be left speechless.

Danny Cassello
TRPC "EST 1963"

teams251 said:
Thanks I don't think I have seen a Bro with that style boom before even the body style looks like the early Vulcan's.Was that an old Central Services Truck?Either way great pics. keepem coming!
Da Wash Boos said:

Clay, are you thinking of Central Auto & Transport? This truck was purchased new by Helmrich Towing in Camden, New Jersey. They had purchased 4 bros and Plunske has one Central Auto has one and Nelcon Servicecenter has the third one. The fourth one was sold to someone else in Jersey and I can never remember the name of who has it.

For the record the bro at Central Auto the cylinders use to be under the boom like you described and they came down looked at this Peterbilt and changed theirs over like this to cyliners on the outside of the boom.

There is another former Helmrich truck in Connecticut at A&M Towing and then another former Helmrich truck in Rhode Island. The one at A&M Towing in Connecticut is the Oshkosh Silent Hoist and the one in Rhode Island is Helmrichs first crane the International they built built themselves in their shop.

Danny Cassello
TRPC "EST 1963"


teams251 said:

Who has the one up here in RI? I can't picture a Baby Bro.up here,we had the first one in RI on a Pete 379 at Ronnies, but that was a 40 ton I think. I think Bruno's might of had a baby Bro or an EKA but that was a looong time ago.I gotta say I knew that you had alot of knowledge about numerous trucks and towing co's but Damn! you keep on amazing me more and more,we might have to get together for coffee sometime.


Underdog said:

There equipment is simply amazing. Thanks for taking the time to scan & post these Danny.
Stay Safe, Rich.





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