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Social Media Marketing: Is there something your missing?

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While these video's do increase company recognition, they do not create themselves. Ask any of the popular content creators found in the  "It came from YouTube and TikTok" forum. They will tell you of the hours not minutes it can take to edit them. This is possibly why there are not a huge amount of quality content being created within the towing industry.


However, this topic is more about creating a YouTube Channel and adding informative videos which advise others of your company. I have noticed that some in the industry create content on TikTok or Facebook Live then do not upload the content to YouTube. Doing this misses more the half the potential viewers. It's sorta like Participating in One or Two Social Media Venues. A huge number of companies are creating content only on venues where there are many distractions. You need to be everywhere these days, you need take note of what is out there or being put out there. *


If you Follow Towmanwags aka Brian Wagamon. Brian started out on TikTok and attained TikTok Fame. I think he is up to around a Half Million Followers now. He is widely recognized in public and brings recognition to the industry as I would say more than 90 percent, possibly nearly 100 percent of his audience has nothing to do with towing. https://www.youtube.com/user/wagswayz


There are several others which are notable and can be found in the YouTube - TikTok forum here. If you are already a content creator and you would like to have your video's featured in the forum. Let Us Know!




* If you are an employee which creates content, does your company approve of the content. After all it is their business being used to create the content. This is the reason some companies now have a social media policy. I expect these to increase in numbers as companies seek to maintain or improve their image. You'll find that the content creators in the "YouTube & TikTok" forum do a good job, while buidling followers. The downside it is can comsume much of your free time if you jump in as hard as these folks. So, the suggestion is to create enough content to get your company recognized on these platforms. Oh, make sure to add "Slow Down Move Over" cause "Over One Lose None" Saves Lives and the Majority Watch the Videos are not in the industry.


May the TowForce be with you!

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