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I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” As kids, mom used to tell us that many times.

I’m not sure why, but it seems there is more impatience, rudeness and being more demanding from others in the world today. While I would love to say something in response when I encounter this behavior, I also remember what my mom used to say.

Words are the most powerful force available, as they have energy and power to help or heal, hurt or harm, humiliate or humble. The words we choose, and how we use them, can either build others up or tear them down.

The words we choose mean something, and it’s up to us to whether that meaning is positive or negative. When we recognize the value of our words, we take the first step in bettering our community. For example, the words “I have a dream” definitely had a positive impact on our lives.

Along with having meaning, our words are remembered. Because I was number five of eight kids, I wore hand-me-downs. But I was given a new pair of red ball tennis shoes, and was very proud of them. When I went to school, however, the boy sitting in front of me told me I “walked like a cow,” but the boy who sat behind me said, “at least she doesn’t look like one.” My hero! Talk about a memory of words spoken.

Because the towing and recovery industry is a service industry, we are in contact with many different customers who are often dealing with difficult circumstances. The words we speak before, during and after our encounters with them have meaning, are remembered and make a difference.

Let’s all speak with a little more mindfulness and choose our words wisely — or don’t say anything at all.








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