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Gmc w45


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01-01-2006: Originally posted by captradiator,


This is the GMC that the W-45 was installed onto in the early fifties by my uncle, Ralph Fender.

He started out in the wrecker/body shop/garage business in 1923. Johnny



Spanky said:

My kinda Truck! Thanks


ed barker said:

The first heavy that I ever run was a w-45 on an old mack,dad added a big drag winch with a 4 speed transmission,boy oh boy would that old truck winch,you just didn't stop it.The w-45 was very capable when you knew how to use it you just had to watch your P's and Q's or you would bust it up.Eventualy dad also added hydraulic stiff legs that he built from scratch,boy did that make it easier.We ran that unit for 15 years .A funny thing was we sold it for $500 more than we had payed for it 15 years before.We have all hydraulics now,but sometimes I just wish i had that unit on certain jobs ,I think to myself and wonder if the old w-45 could've worked this job.Don't get me wrong it was a lot of work with the old mechanical but it sure was educational.


Unknown member said:

hello mr johnny. i am only 20 miles from you. my uncle drove a truck for mr ralph back in the 50s one of the redrams boy at the stories i have heared. by the way the frist heavy i worked was a w35. call me at 556-0131or 556-3906 i would like to talk. i will also see if my aunt has any old pics. thanks ray


Captradiator said:

Ray, Good to hear from you. I remember your uncle well. I will contact you soon, and it would be great if you had some pictures.

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