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Officer in his Unit Struck Blocking for Tow Trruck (MO)


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Strafford, Fair Grove police chiefs warn drivers to move over after crashes involving officers on I-44




STRAFFORD, Mo. (KY3) - Officers in the Ozarks remind drivers to move-over when seeing officers along roads and highways.


A Strafford officer suffered moderate injuries Sunday after his vehicle was struck Sunday morning on Interstate 44.


Later Sunday, a driver struck another police vehicle from Fair Grove Police Department responding to the scene of the first officer who was hit. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports both vehicles were struck on eastbound I-44 at exit 88.


According to the Strafford Police Chief Dennis Shook, the police officer’s car was knocked off the roadway and the officer was wearing his seatbelt.


“He was working that accident and there was a tow truck on scene that was loading that vehicle,” said Chief Shook.


“He was behind the tow truck and all emergency lights were on, on the tow truck and on the patrol car. He was sitting in the passing lane, guarding the tow truck to keep him safe. Another vehicle that was westbound struck the rear of the patrol car, knocking it off the roadway.”


The chief wants to remind drivers how important it is to stay alert when you see emergency vehicle lights.


“Drivers do not realize how important it is to always be focused on the roadway,” said Chief Shook. “If you are traveling 70 mile an hour you cover a lot of ground. It is important to always be alert no matter the circumstances.”


Shook says officer struck luckily suffered moderate injuries.


“He suffered some minor injuries and abrasion to his head,” said Chief Shook. “He has some bruises and he has a lot of soreness right now. He’s doing pretty good considering the impact and the extent of the damage.”


The police chief asked you to slow down when approaching emergency vehicles because you never know the extent on the scene.


“When you see an emergency vehicle on the roadway and they’re running their lights you need to start slowing down way before you get there because you don’t know what’s going on ahead of you,” said Chief Shook. “People could be walking around accident scenes or whatever the situation may be you need to have great caution.”


The second crash at the same location later Sunday involved a Fair Grove officer who responded to the scene.


The Fair Grove Police Chief John Enderle says the officer saw the car coming and jumped over the median to avoid being hit but their police car was struck


“He was directing traffic until the other motors was traveling towards them. He saw him coming and was able to avoid being hit by jumping over the median barrier,” said Chief Enderle.


That officer’s car was also struck in the same area while responding to the crash involving the first officer’s truck. The Fair Grove officer was in their car at the time, but did not suffer any injuries.


The Fair Grove police chief reiterates safety tips as well to avoid these type of collisions in the future.


“There is a move over law for emergency lights and you have to move over and slow down,” said Chief Enderle. “In order to avoid these collisions you need a bit pay attention to what you’re doing especially in the early morning. If you’re tired or sleepy you need to pull over and stop and get some rest.”



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Sunday, it was like drivers had lost there minds. Really... it was more crazy driving then normal.


I thought that it was just here or just me noticing it more. No, searching the news it was all over.


How was your weekend, anything CRAZY?

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