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From the Blog of Geri Roskopf:


I came across a poem titled For the Garden of your Daily Living. It seemed appropriate during springtime, and a great reminder of “you reap what you sow,” or in other words, you eventually have to face up to the consequences of your actions.


Use this planting advice to make your garden grow both in your personal and business life.


“Plant three rows of peas:  1. Peace of mind.  2. Peace of heart.  3. Peace of soul.


“Plant four rows of squash:  1. Squash gossip.  2. Squash indifference.  3. Squash grumbling.  4. Squash selfishness.


“Plant four rows of lettuce:  1. Lettuce be faithful.  2. Lettuce be kind.  3. Lettuce be patient.  4. Lettuce really love one another.


“No garden is without turnips:  1. Turnip for meetings.  2. Turnip for service.  3. Turnip to help one another.

“To conclude our garden, we must have thyme: 1.  Thyme for each other.  2. Thyme for family.  3. Thyme for friends.


“Water freely with patience and cultivate with love. There is much fruit in your garden, because you reap what you sow.”



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