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Any 2006 New Law Updates?


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Original Topic Title: Tow truck drivers to be protected under new law

28 Jun 2006 09:29

Intow Man Wrote,

Tow truck drivers to be protected under new law
Last Updated: Tuesday, June 27, 2006 | 4:01 PM CT
CBC News
A new law requiring Saskatchewan drivers to slow down when they pass tow trucks on the side of the highway is a good idea, but will be difficult to enforce, one tow company owner says.

Under a section of the Traffic Safety Act that goes into effect July 1, highway drivers must slow to 60 kilometres per hour when passing tow trucks stopped with their amber lights flashing. There's a minimum $140 fine if they don't.

"I think the intent of this is great," said John Hannah of Regina's Provincial Club Towing. "Every towing company can tell you about near misses or having their trucks hit. People drive by at 100 kilometres an hour, two feet away from you."

However, Hannah said he's skeptical many offenders will get ticketed. People tend to slow down if there are police at the side of the road, but whiz by if there aren't, he said.

"We just don't have the respect factor out there even though we're on the side of the road trying to help people," he said.

Saskatchewan Government Insurance will be running radio and billboard ads to spread the word about the new law.

The requirement to slow down to 60 kilometres per hour currently applies to motorists passing police, ambulance, fire and highways workers, said SGI spokeswoman Kim Hambleton.
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Dennis - Dennis Thurlow - DENTED Development Inc.
Towingtech said:
I agree it would be hard to enforce, but atleast it is a start most provinces have such a law. I do hope the government of British Columbia can get it together and introduce this kind of law.
forgivenone said:
I agree with Clarence, it is at least a start. That sounds like great news though.
pttowguy said:
I would love to see this type of law enacted in Ontario. Some days, I swear, its like they are aiming for you!myerssig1.jpg
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