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Holmes 440 Discussion


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06 Aug 2009 00:01

Brent Said:

i just bought an 83 Chevy k30 with a holmes 440. the winch is hydro run. it also has a wheel lift. the hydro pump is run off the motor belts. i am looking for some info about it. was it just converted to hydro or is it a different winch. is the lift an add on or did it come that way. what hydro fluid does it take.any help would be great. sorry the pics are not the best. having so trouble uploading some of them.

MN440A.md.jpg MN440B.md.jpg MN440C.md.jpg


here are some more pics. i am new to towing. i have never done this before. in mn you have to reg. by gvw. how high should i get it for. should the boom be raised or what do you mean. what higher holes were you talking about. we get very cold up here. so i will go with the 32. where can i get new levers for the controllers. one is broke and the others look like chain links holding them in. also i am missing the crank handle to raise the boom.

MN440D.md.jpg MN440E.md.jpg


i have a lot of work to do before i start towing. the king pins and most bushing and tie rods need replaced. the carb needs work. lights and electrical need some tending to. i will be going through the whole truck lubing and checking stuff.


DrHook541 said:

They added the hydraulic system when they added the wheellift. You can see where they cut the front of the body to fit the hydraulic motor for the winch. The chain drive came up from the bottom before. The cut for the wheellift looks a lot better.
I am curious why the sling is mounted so low on the rear plate. I would move it up to the higher holes so you can get a safer lift on pickups and vans without your sling bars going past level. You will be using the wheellift more, anyway, probably.
Respool and lubricate the wire rope. Lubricate the tensioner and adjust it. If temperatures don't drop too low where you are, you can use 46 weight hydraulic oil. If you get really low temps and not much high temps, use 32 weight instead. Or you can change it between seasons.
PGhrist said:
Looks like a nice truck... more pics??? 689.gif
Gale25yrs said:
Yes the boom needs to go up to use the sling. The sling mounts on the tailboard are too low and should be in the holes directly above where it is mounted now.
Michael212 said:
That is an interesting Hydraulic conversion. As mentioned above crank the boom up 2 and 1/2 feet and that would be perfect. And move the sling up also. Just curious if the winch is smooth engaging when shifting the lever up & down? As far as parts I would contact Roddy @ Twin-Cities Wrecker sales. He is very helpful & knowledgeable on the Holmes 440.As a matte of fact he restored "Tthe World's Fastest" Towtruck (a 79 GMC 3500 with a Holmes 440 Hi-Power). It's in the museum in Chattanooga.

Good Luck emoticonthumb.gif
Michael Myers

aussiehooker said:
it would be auto transmission manual normally comes off the side of the gear box happy hooking don
netowman said:
Take the 1 7/8" oil-pan-eater off the stinger before you start as well lol
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