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The start of our 25 ton JD *a little color* in stages

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02 Mar 2012 21:17

92 Pete ( ours first heavy one were  KW company) 379 2001 JD 25 ton integrated, truck started its life in myrtle beach and was owned by a local garage and had very minimum used. We are just in the paint stages but lots of chrome , stacks , breathers, visor, new tranny,all new custom interior with dash and sterring wheel and much more in store just thought id let out a little sneak peek!


Back from paint white with orange boom hopefully flames to be painted Monday


some color to the flames with a little pearl and flake


All clear amber LEDS pinstriped and interior plenty of chrome and more lights to go

capptow said:
is that one of quality's trucks?
Silly Willy said:
I think so, the story we got is quality put the truck together for a contract that didnt work out, then it ended up in Pittsburgh. The only thing were not wild about is its on pete spring suspension. Were in the process of looking for something different, but who knows it could be fine we haven't used it yet .......lol ....But i must say the truck is in excellent shape.
jmtowing said:
Can't wait to see it finished looks great so far
gtowman said:
take out the suspension and make it air ride, truck is looking great..
knoxsp850 said:
A little FYI we had an 04 35 ton on a spring ride w900 if u use the truck a lot u better put the boxes on some kind of flexible material. With ours we put ours on cab springs. In a years time with the spring ride the boxes literally shook there self off the truck. We put them back on with the springs never had another problem.
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Josh Paris
gtowman said:
I think your trying to copy my style there buddy..truck is looking good..

Im still working on mine, I try and put a few hours on it everyday, 80 LED lights are a mission to re wire..We rebuilt the entire truck. 
ian tomei said:
Nice looking unit.. I now know who is making all the money in Pgh...Ian Tomei..I guess Tommy Paul will be driving that now..
Slick Willy said:
It might take an atom bomb to get tommy out of his t800. Were just going to put kw labels on it he'll never know the difference.
ian tomei said:
Tommy going to be eating steak's after today's wreck!!!
DandDhook said:
Ian, all us poor guys trying to make ends meet, fixing up these older trucks around Pittsburgh, I hear they keep all the money down there in the Rocks.
gtowman said:
any updates?
ryrm6111 said:
paints pretty much done being wet sanded and buffed as we speak. wheels need spun still, stacks, polishing ect. still not positive whats going on with suspension.transmission is being replaced along with the rear end gears.
gtowman said:
ok.. I'm on standby, any more pics on the progress?
Slick Willy said:
Ill try to take some pics today but dont be mad if it hurts your feelings.....lol
gtowman said:
Maybe I can just buy it off you, it already has the flames..
Slick Willy said:
Some newer shots for ya,HID headlights are in now interior getting wired with all the lights. I just gotta talk my dad and uncle into a new beacon light. Wheels coming off soon to go get spun. Were not pressed to get it done so taking our time with it . Hope u guys like so far
gtowman said:
She is looking very nice..I like it.
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