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750 boom conversion!!!!


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09 Apr 2009 08:30


DM09A.md.jpg DM09B.md.jpg DM09C.md.jpg DM09D.md.jpg DM09E.md.jpg DM09F.md.jpg DM09G.md.jpg DM09H.md.jpg DM09I.md.jpg DM09J.md.jpg DM09K.md.jpg


BOOM IN motion today, started work on inner boom, notice the angled plate on the inside of

the inner boom, we are using this for added strength,on both sides, more pics next week!!!!!!!!


DM09L.md.jpg DM09M.md.jpg DM09N.md.jpg DM09O.md.jpg DM09P.md.jpg DM09Q.md.jpg DM09R.md.jpg DM09S.md.jpg DM09T.md.jpg DM09U.md.jpg DM09V.md.jpg


we have been on it three weeks now just finished the hydralics today and operated the boom

lift cyls,works well,will start on inner boom tomorrow truck will be fucctional in another week

and the we will do the body work and put the new boxes on.so mayby a month,if we stay on it


DM09W.md.jpg DM09X.md.jpg DM09Y.md.jpg DM09Z.md.jpg


ian tomei said:

Looks nice ! just wandering where you mounted to the wreckers floor is there more supports on the underside ? The boom looks massive what do you think it will be able to pick! Ian tomei


SouthernStarTow said:

Looking good. That boom is huge. Great job.
bandctow said:
Nice work. I all ways wanted to change my 750 over to hyd but it seem a little over price. Cant wait to see it all done.Good luck
we have three i beams running accross from frame rail to frame rail,attached to a 12 inch c channel bolted to frame, we are building on a 60 ton spec, we will test it when its finished to get the actual ratings.
Scooby said:
I would take a good look at your pistons in relation to there angle to the boom
If the angle is not right you won't get 100% of your piston rating.
those are twin 8 inch bore pistons i think the boom will buckel the truck before the pistons stall lol.we have had this figured by a certified enginer,i would be willing to bet this will pick a min of 80k we will see and i will post the pics when it does for all the nasayers, that think you cant build a strong reliable unit if your name is not miller,nrc, jerr dan ect,these companys all started with ideas and tested them.they just did not do it in a public forum,the problem with the general public in america is we have lost our do it yourself spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!so for all the people that doubt,and say you cant do this you must do that, then show me your products you have built from scratch.............................this is not directed twards you scooby i know you guys have built some cool stuff, just ranting a little

DM09AC.md.jpg DM09AD.md.jpg DM09AE.md.jpg DM09AF.md.jpg


IFLEET said:

Let me know how that turns out. I would love to do that to me 750.
not ready to pick yet but will be this week,we will be testing it on dead weights ranging from 20k up to 80k in 10k increments

DM09AG.md.jpg DM09AH.md.jpg DM09AI.md.jpg DM09AJ.md.jpg


MM219 said:

Not trying to dog you but I think you should have saved your $$$. I think this will be a hard piece to re-sell if you ever want to upgrade.
Hope it turns out well for you.


unknown Tow411 member:

I know i havent been around Tow411 but 2 yrs i have been around Towing all my life . What makes this project interesting for me is it is like taking a walk back in time to my first paying job Dougs Towing, Doug Ryal had a vision he could see things that at my age then i could not, he built more scratch built wreckers than i care to remember . The very fabric of which we stand for goes back to our roots personally i admire watching this Holmes being converted it shows a lost skill and art .

I can think back to a situation were one of the first Wreckers i drove was a C50 with a Holmes 500 both booms were rebuilt when the originals collapsed the truck was unstoppable . Its just my opinion if a engineer designed the booms , a cert welder welded them and proper lift tests are done you just converted a piece of history. In todays pay has you go world its nice to see some old school again my hats off to you and crew for this build.


rotator60 said:

I think this a great build...Instead of a 750 being put out to pasture..you have given it new life...It sounds to me as if you have done all your homework and I have no doubt it will perform..maybe even out perform..any expectations you have..Thank you for sharing the building process with the Tow411 community.


towman33 said:

I love old school look's with modern components, should be a head turner and a tractor flipper when she's done good luck thanks for sharing!!!


IFLEET said:

Who would want to sell that beast. Not me and I'm sure I can speak for alot of others. Some people including myself just love having the title in the file cabinet and the money going to our own bank accounts and staying there.....Not giving it all to some bank for some 200-300k piece of equipment.

your exactly right it wont be for sale,i own it and every time it goes out it makes money not payments, on a side note we did our first lift today with her,a 28k loader , picked it like it was not there, boomed in and out nice and smooth loaded, will post some more pics later this week,5 weeks of work are now starting to pay off when you see your project working well, ps it was my loader!!!!!!!!!! lol
IFLEET said:
Congrats Daryl. Make $$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!

to be honest this conversion was not all that expensive considering what it can do, i have two other heavys the we do all the towing with,and this truck was purpose built for recoverys, so resale is really not an issue!!!!!!!!!!!! and it was to good a truck to put out to pasture.
capptow said:
now all you need a some zack stiff legs. looking good
unknownTow411 Member said:
You deserve credit for building a smart, well thought out piece of machinery that will serve your needs very well and put money in your pocket. Ingenuity and hard work pays off ! Congratulations. Lots to be proud of on your end.
thanks for the positive comments we have gotten both positive and negative, but we are very satisfied with the build
Only1CaliforniaCrane said:
Hi Daryl
I was watching your project real close and I am very very interested. I give you all credit for what you have done with that piece of equipment. I do understand that you did not build it for retail. I have only one question for you. Do you know about the rating for the lifting boom cylinders? That is an awesome job and good luck with it.
Bob's Towing
Wade200 said:
Now you're gonna need some outriggers to stabilize it, lol.

Daniel Wade
408Stroker said:
Wow!! That thing is just TREMENDOUSLY well built! Makes me wanna build a boom for our 600!
How much do you have invested in steel?
WE HAVE 6500.00 IN STEEL BUT THE GRADE OF STEEL IS KEY, the question about the lift cyls is valid and we had our hyd shop build them, with the spec we provided them, they are 8 inch bore with the capacity of working at 4000 psi. the inner boom cyls are 6 ich bore and there are two cyls inside the boom running in tandem.we are working on the stiff legs for the rear, and possibly side legs, we have the factory holmes side legs also. we have 14 ft reach past the tailboard,25 ft of total boom legnth.and last but not least as of now i have 208 hrs of build time
TN Tow Boss said:


Another, Fine Owner Built/Conversion. I am a big fan of 750 Holmes Wrecker beds and what they can do, However in some small markets there is not enough business to support a $250,000.oo or more Wrecker/Recovery truck. Even though one is needed to do the jobs a 750 cannot, I know 750's are winching animals but there are times when you need Boom extension that a 750 cannot do. So this is what you do in order to have the needed equipment to stay competitive and remain in business. I think it is a awesome conversion,maybe a little over kill,But I would rather have more than I needed for the job than not enough. The conversion looks well thought out and will bring life into a truck that is not as useful in these times as it was years ago. If you need more practice, I have a couple of 'ol 750's around you can practice with. LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!. I think you will be happy with it and it's performance for another 40 years.

Tennessee Tow Boss

P.S. Dont worry about negativity,as long as you are happy and trust your equipment that is all that counts!!!!!!!!!



well we used it on our first job, did extremly well recovering a truck and trailer, no pics sorry,dot and ohp on my a$$ to get it moved now!!!!!! lol, i will post some pics of a lift we did with it , was 28k and at full extension.


Greezy328 said:

Are you thinking of a deck winch maybe? A third line comes in pretty handy sometimes...look into a Trebron spade unless its a done deal already...this truck has the makings of a real beast! Very nice work and kudos to saving some serious cash...something I definately appreciate. Gotta love the older iron with a new twist...I`m sure it will perform for many years....probly live thru a few diffferent chassis`....good luck!!
Derek Lansing
yes we are adding a deck winch its a 60k tulsa with 400ft of wire rope.yep im with you derek on the cash savings we just dont have the volume to support a payment on a 250 to 400 k new truck!!!!!!!! i have talked to bert trying to decide on the rear spades now. ps your trucks are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! trebron make a killer unit
Roberto Vallejo said:
Hi, i read a any brochure of holmes 750 and say x-7 it´s a extendable booms, you can add long at your 750´s booms obviouly it´s not easy like a hydraulic booms but it´s possible.
Jerold Howland said:
Lookin good,did you consider moving the mast closer to the cab to give you extra boom length or would that work? Maybe even a three stage? Can't wait for the next step and good luck...
I HAD X 7 booms on this truck, trust me there is no comparison to the way it is now, mine got stuck anytime you tried to extend them.
i will probably move the mast if i ever remout this bed on another chassis.
well we are back on this truck have been usinging it alot, so not much time to work on it, but we finished up the drag winch will be posting new pics next week of the install, dead lifted 49900 lbs so far. winched 86000lb loaded tri axle. no problems with pulling power, just needs to sit still now (((lol))) weight on truck is 40100lbs we are adding a 2000 lb front bumper to help transfer the weight, front axle weight now is only 9200lbs

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getting ready for a lift onto our lowboy all axles torn loose after a rollover down embankment046.jpg050.jpg

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23 Oct 2009 20:26

50k.jpgwell here is the proof for the fool that said that this boom would bend,scrap iron hauler,trailers dolly legs broke from the weight, all of the scrap steel loaded in the nose of trailer, they estimated 40k worth of scrap,all in the nose and rained 5 inches this week so it filled with water and the legs buckeled, now for the real weight 68k,our legs were sinking in the rear but we got a tractor under it.bigtime.jpg
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timstruckservice said:
Very Nice Daryl !!! That's a Fine Boom You Put together .... I'm Jealous.... LOL !
rotator60 said:
Have you even challenged it yet.??..lol..
the biggest lift we have done so far is 60k, it lifted it so easy it scared me lol, i dont really know what the capaicty is. the only weak point i can really see is the mast of the 750 that is why we have it braced in both directions,,,,,,,,
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