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Re: When West Coast Fires Are Over ? ? ? ?


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Currently, CDF reports there are 27-major wildfires active throughout the state of California alone that have burned over 3.5 million acres of California tinder since August 15th.  The other day I posted the possibility of finding work gathering and hauling burned vehicles after west coast fires subside. When all is said and done, some tow and salvage companies will land contracts to haul burned hulks to staging locations or salvage yards.


As a reminder to the work that will be conducted, when an active wildfire takes over a community and “right now escape” is the end result of waiting and not evacuating, people attempt to flee in their vehicles. In several incidents, in the homeowner’s panic to escape, the end-result of being trapped on a smoke and fire filled road occur where motorists are overcome by fire and die in their vehicles.  


If you’re one of the ultimate companies contracted to move salvage, I remind you that there’s always potential of finding the remains of a burned individual in the vehicle you’re about to load. I feel it’s wise for towers to know this going in so they're able to absorb some of the shock of having to deal with a deceased person. In the event you observe a deceased occupant within the car you’re about to load, cease your loading activity and notify the authorities. Note: As part of loading burned vehicles, always make a visual inspection before load, even if an officer says the car was previously inspected.   


One California tow company owner shared with me his daughter’s nightmareish car-escape that was similar to the video. I can only imagine the fear she felt, but she remained calm and saved her sister and another friend by making it to the other side. To that note, I’ve attached a video of one California to show what it’s like to try and drive through a live fire.         R.




Randall C. Resch

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