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    Tow Ho Ho

  2. Top picture was a year ago today and the bottom is what it looks like now.
  3. For the Age and Miles, Truck 3 looks pretty good.
  4. Had a great time in the York Parade! Saw tons of friends out there waving.
  5. Topic Originally Created in July of 2006: 1971 Ford F350 with A ashton bed were wanting to find a ashton bed like this one if any of you know where one is at more pics this is better one and the other is when we went to Black trucks as you can see we didnt stay
  6. Topic Originally create in August of 2006: My dad was driving down the road a long time ago and a car slammed on brakes and he hit the ditch which was pure red mud and the front axle sunk up and flipped end over end but dad only broke his arm and shoulder and they took him to the hospital and the first thing he said was how was the truck
  7. Topic originally created in August of 2006: sorry the pic isn't very good my grandfather took it a long time ago Doug Fitzgerald said: Looks like a Holmes Trooper or Commander ? Formally, Fitzgerald's Auto Service & Towing San Augustine,Texas
  8. I would like to have an old early 70s ford with the wide molding looks like this truck.
  9. Topic originally created July 2006: michael212 said: Maybe an Alabama Show??? Or maybe a Kemp's Show......... SouthernStar1 said: kyle, if i remember correctly, that was in Salem, Va. i went to one of their shows up there back when i lived in Rockingham. only thing that helps me remember that is the area outside that back door, they had a kid recovery there for kids to winch cars. now i may be wrong, but thats what it looks like to me. Sweiljr said: That looks like maybe an Alabama show in the late 80's they were held in the civic center in Bham. I will ask my dad he might know. I know Kemp's still has the trk in the pic. Chip Kemp drove that Pete. May be DB81 will remember. I was too yong to realy remember much. Steven Weil jr
  10. Topic Originally Created July 2006: this photo was in American Towman magazine in 1993 i believe the man in the center is my grandfather who started the business.
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