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  1. Troy came to the shop yesterday to have the tow truck he drives serviced I noticed this on the window now we have very strict rules about modifying or putting anything on our trucks that my father or I don’t approve ! However I’m making an exception to that rule in the future all of our vehicles will have the worlds “In God we trust” somewhere on them. I’ve stayed away from this in the past because I didn’t want to do anything that would send the wrong message and actually push someone away from God because of my actions or an employees actions. However, those actions will be closely monitored as they always are but even more so with a public profession of faith on our vehicles ! I can mix business and faith and there’s nothing an atheist organization or the government can do about it !
  2. My 1973 Holmes 750 still clearing the highways after almost 50 years of dependable service this was taken about 2 hours ago 11/12/2019
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