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  1. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in August of 2005: i'm trying to back up a drive and i'm a lil stuck, can you send me a 18 wheeler wrecker? wasnt the first and sure it will not be the last time we get that request. get to the scene and this is what we find. no way around the truck, has whole drive blocked, loaded with 35 tons of sand, trying to back it up a 6 foot wide road up to a water tank so they can sandblast it. dont like using pinetrees (with all the rain we have had lately) for a deadman but thats all we had, tried just using 1 heavy, but way too much weight, used another heavy to help with the pull up the hill. used one line to get a low pull from our 70/35 the other line to the tree and back up to a strap going over the trailer to keep it from rolling over, backed the second truck up and hooked a line to tree and back to bottom of trailer, lots of patience and moving it a little at a time finally got it up the hill where we could hook to the tractor and nose it back down
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