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  1. Stock# A65464 USED 2007 FORD F550-EXT CAB-XLT-WHITE/RED 6.0L AUTOMATIC REGULAR EXHAUST SPRING RIDE HYDRAULIC BRAKES 19.5 TIRES 17,950 LB GVW RATING W/ CHEVRON LMD 512 WRCKER BSN: 051213514 TWINLINE 12 TON BOOM 12,000 LB PLANETARY WINCHES STAINLESS STEEL BODY VULCAN WHEELIFT W/ VULCAN WHEELGRIDS & SCOOPS CABLE TENSIONERS **SOLD AS IS NO WARRANTY*** MILEAGE: 224,140 Call us today! 800-443-5778 Chevron Commercial, Inc. 3545 George Street Highland, IL 62249 Email: sales@chevroncommercial.com Online: www.chevroncommercial.com
  2. Check this beauty out with the decals! Thanks goes out to you, FM Owens! We appreciate your business!
  3. It's been a while! This one went to a fabulous repeat customer! Does anyone else want one?
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