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Hey from sunny Scotland with pics (2013 Intro)

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This introduction was created on Tow411 in November of 2013:


Hi guys thought id just tip my hat as we have just upgraded from a medium underlift to this big old girl 🙂

yep shes abit on the old and slow side but shes in pretty good condition all round (cab needs some work lol), but its a rockwell double drive rear with a zacklift 403 and best of all a sweet sounding stack with a 3 stage jake brake.



alongrecovery said:

Nice rig! Hope to see some pictures of her working


ROBREC said:

nice motor looks like a money earner as a bit of alrounder had  a roadtrain good motor just cab worm got to mine


mushspeed said:

Thats a tidy looking unit......You can do so much with the 750.

We had one similar with the Rolls engine, a bit gutless when you had a big load on,  but it did its job ok.

Good luck with this one.
Follow none, but learn from everyone !!
Be safe, think safety, always....John.



Still looking good we fitted the Zacklift on there for Cawsey commercials


cablemonkey360 said:

Falkom, have you got any info on it i.e what was it a new lift and what year was it fitted, as its pretty mint still


roaduserscharges said:

I thought all those scammells just rusted away. what is your tare weight.?


cablemonkey360 said:

Rust away never661.gif  new cab coming after the new year, the rest is mint

I haven't actually weighed it, but the plate is 25ton gross vehicle weight and  65ton train weight so she's a big old girl.


ROBREC said:

your cab doesn't look that bad are you gettin one of those ex mod cabs trimmed or not once fitted a non trimmed cab bit of a mission you got alot of good features no engine mangerment lights or abs or limp mode .


cablemonkey360 said:

the rot is mainly under the front and has been hidden kinda well, but I was advised by the guy I bought it of that its gonna need a new cab, so I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place do I rip it apart with a view to welding and then find out its a right old mess, or do I do a cab swap? so as down time is of the up most I decided to go down the replacement cab route.

as it should only be a weekend job691.gif and then if the cab isn't as bad as first thought I can repair in slow time and sell on.

yes it will be a ex army cab, they are the only ones about that have had an easier life, Im gonna swap the complete interior and dash for 2 reason the army ones are LHD and the interiors are always basic and rough!

ROBREC said:

we fitted a modern air seat just easier on your back if you ever do long distant job and night heater to assist the cab heater but ok motors paid for newer trucks a good start   cheers


cablemonkey360 said:

Air seat you must be a mind reader as its already in hand, it has a night heater fitted but tbh we don't use it as the cab is plenty warm (to warm sometimes!) you right it is a good starter truck as it will do pretty much anything we will need and more without spending 50K +


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