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Court House Garage Old Time Wreckers!


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My brother in law passed away and in his collection of stuff we found this picture. Notice the label says they were a AAA tow company!




edgarroad said:

Mr, Mitchell, that picture is of equipment owned and operated by Mr. Ken Conway of Elizabeth New Jersey. Could you please tell me what your brother in laws name was.

I told Mrs. Conway of the posting of the picture, which also hangs above her late husbands desk. Is there any possibly that more pictures exist?

Any information that I could run by Mrs. Conway would be greatly appreciated. They have family and friends in Florida, and some that they have lost touch with.

Please contact me at (908)486-0050, or I can also be emailed at edgarroad@verizon.net


Budtow said:

I seriously think that my brother in law was not related. He was born in Tennessee and only lived in NJ because of his wifes relatives. But anyway, this man was a real character. When he died we found stacks of magazines in his bedroom. There was a stack of Hot Rod Magazines going back to the early 60's. you would not believe the collection in his bedroom. This man was a genius when it came to making things work but was crazy as a Hoot Owl. When you taked to him he would make sense right up to the time that he started talking about how the aliens were here and had infiltrated the US government and they were going to put things in our brain so they could control us all.

We found this picture in an old Chiltons book and have not found any others. This book was in a converted bus that was in the field behind the house. Along with the books and amazing amount of parts we found was a 1954 Corvette and all the parts to put it together. It has been a year since his passing and we are still sorting parts and tools he used in his body shop.

Just a short time ago we looked in another bus and there was a 1957 Corvette in that bus. I have indentified that it is a Airbox model. That (If true) means that it is one of 50 made when Corvette went racing in the 50's.

So if I came across any other information about this I will get in touch.



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