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Beacon Funding: Towing Tunes: 20 Songs to Pump You Up While on the Road

Don Seeley

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Towing Tunes

Tired of the radio? Need a playlist remix for those long jobs? We’ve got you covered! This playlist features songs that make time go by a little faster while driving from job to job. But don’t let the title fool you; these tunes aren’t just for towers! Anyone that spends their day out on the road will enjoy this list.

From rockin’ anthems that everyone can sign along with, to oldies that pay homage to life on the road, you’ll find it all here. So buckle up and enjoy the next hour on the road listening to some great tunes.

The Top Ten

1. On the road again –Willie Nelson, 1980

Nelson might be singing about life on tour, but it sure does speak to towers and truckers.

Top Tow Lyric: And I can’t wait to get on the road again

2. I’ve Been Everywhere—Johnny Cash (written by Geoff Mack), 1996

Fun Fact: this song was originally written for Australia and called out major Australian cities. It was changed to appeal to a North American audience and was eventually covered by Cash. We try not to pick favorites, but there’s nothing like singing along with Johnny Cash as he calls out your city.

Top Tow Lyric: Travel, I’ve had my share, man/I’ve been everywhere

3. Truckin’—Grateful dead, 1970

This one’s for all you Deadheads out there. Truckin’ really speaks to life on the road and reminds everyone to think about the journey they’ve had.

Top Tow Lyric: What a long, strange trip it’s been

4. Talladega—Eric Church, 2014

Any NASCAR fans out there? Church pays tribute to the sport’s Talladega Superspeedway and living your life in the present, but still remembering the good times.

Top Tow Lyric: Most days in life don’t stand out,/But life’s about those days that will

5. Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck—Kip Moore, 2011

Anyone who grew up in the country will love this song, and you city-slickers won’t be able to keep from tapping your toe. It’s perfect for those times when you’re feeling a little nostalgic for the summertime.

Top Tow Lyric: Nobody’s gonna get hurt, so what’s the big deal/ Somethin’ ’bout a truck in a farmer’s field

6. Life is a Highway—Rascal Flatts, 2006

Yes, the song is originally by Tom Cochrane and this version was done for a Disney movie, but we can’t help but be partial to it. After all, Flatts has a great voice to listen to on the highway.

Top Tow Lyric: There ain’t no load that I can’t hold/A road so rough this I know/I’ll be there when the light comes in/Tell ’em we’re survivors

7. Born to be wild—Steppenwolf,1968

This classic is exactly what you need after a hard tow. It’s easy to sing along to and perfect for some epic steering wheel drumming!

Top Tow Lyric: Get your motor runnin’/Head out on the highway/Lookin’ for adventure

8. Broken Record—Neal McCoy, 1997

It might be a little corny, but this good old country song is easy listening.

Top Tow Lyric: I’m like a broken record/A big ol’ tow truck wrecker/Couldn’t pull me out of this groove

9. Little Pink Mack—Delilah Dewylde and the Lost Boys (Originally by Kay Adams, 1965)

This catchy tune is a tribute to all the female truck drivers out there. Kay Adams was one of the first female singers to talk about women on the road.

Top Tow Lyric: But don’t let the size fool you/Man, I can take care of me/When you see a flash of pink go flyin’ by/The next thing you know/There’s a taillight in your eye

10. Highway To Hell—AC/DC, 1979

It’s pretty much the ultimate driving song. Nothing beats belting out Highway To Hell while rolling down the road after the last job of the day.

Top Tow Lyric: Asking nothing, leave me be/Taking everything in my stride/ Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme/Ain’t nothing I would rather do

Ten more tow tunes to enjoy:

1. Hit the Road Jack—Ray Charles
2. Mustang Sally—Wilson Pickett
3. I Can’t Drive 55—Sammy Hagar
4. Fuel—Metallica
5. Running on Empty—Jackson Browne
6. Route 66—The Rolling Stones
7. Thank God For the Radio—Alan Jackson
8. Take it easy—The Eagles
9. Truck Driving man—Dave Dudley
10. Motor City Madhouse—Ted Nugent

The Complete Towing Tunes Playlist


To listen to the full tracks, follow Towing Tunes on Spotify.

Bonus: Need a break from rockin’ out? We’ve included two podcasts for you to check out!

The Trucking Podcast

Listen to a father-and-son trucking duo talk about all things automotive. Get some tips and news with a whole bunch of entertainment thrown in.

Let’s Truck with Kevin Rutherford

This podcast is geared towards long-haul trucking, but towers of all kinds can learn a little about the industry and the vehicles from Rutherford.

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Don Seeley
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