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  1. B&B industries in big lake Minnesota job description: Assemble and some fabrication of mechanical parts, using a variety of tools and equipment according to required specifications for small, medium, and heavy duty tow trucks. Bring your own tools with you - call in and let us know what you have. Math Skills: Good math skills will help assemblers set parts to spec, measure holes, measure parts, and perform multi-step calculations, and read a tape measure to the 1/16" Problem Solving Skills: Follow an order of operations as dictated by the parts and sub-assemblies, understand how to set parts on supports and how to breed parts together, understand square, true, level, and plumb, help move production along by maintaining and communicating lists of parts and sub-assemblies needed to complete trucks Attention to Detail: Each piece has a place and a purpose, assemblers must understand and meet applicable specifications, wiring, hydraulics, frames, booms, and toolboxes all interact in some way - tolerances, gaps, and fittings are the responsibility of the person assembling the truck, attention to detail is required Mechanical and Technical Skills: Fork lifts, cranes, drills, saw, basic hand tools, tape measure, understanding of how schematics work, Stamina: Assemblers often work long hours doing various work - a single truck can take two weeks to one month to complete 20020 177th St. nw, Big Lake, Minnesota 55309 RESOURCE LINK
  2. It's been just over a year since Bill passed away. Bill wasn't done building wreckers yet. Now, with the help of his family and friends our team will continue to build the best custom built equipment on the market. B&B industries has been moved to Big Lake,MN. Where we have been working on getting the new facility ready to start production again. In the meantime we are taking parts requests. Email us at parts@bbtowsupply.com for your parts needs. I will try and keep some updates coming. Feel free to call the shop number as it's still active or shoot me an email with questions. Lance@bbtowsupply.com Thanks
  3. B&B 60 Ton Rotator Delivered in February of 2011:
  4. Topic Originally Created on Tow411 in December of 2009: I bent the teeth over on my B&B and Bill said he had never seen anybody do that before. He offered to send me new ones but I decided to build my own with removable spikes. This is what I ended up with. Jerrys Road Service said: Now thats bad ass. Aarons Towing said: Now that should get the job done! Gale25yrs said: I have bent teeth in the past but it was on a gravel road and the two that bent had hit a very large rock in the road bed leaving the others unsupported. rotator60 said: Yep..that should get a grip.. JRhd34 said: Are the spikes for the ICE? Towaholic said: Ice & Concrete.
  5. We recently purchased all remaining parts, drawings, and intellectual information of B&B industries Please be patient as we move and work on getting back to building parts and wreckers. Websites, email and phone numbers coming soon. Feel free to private message me any questions.
  6. Topic Originally created November 2006: we do a fair amount of towing for this company they have like 90 pickup trucks and a few other 1tons and 2tons but they also have 5 vac trucks that help pay the bills. this is there small one still plenty heavy. let me know if you would do anything different Berts112 said: very professional and detail intensive hook up. lucky that's one of the old fords with the short hose reel they can be a real bugger on the newer ones. awesome job. hookin29 said: Only thing I would do different is on pic #5 is put the little spring back onto your saftey chain hook to prevent it from falling off!!! other thAN that I do them the same way David said: Only thing I do differently is I hang the rolled air hoses and extra light cords from my cable hooks. Gets them out of the way and looks neater. Bulldog1635 said: why use chain and binders? i prefer straps around the axle Towaholic said: i don't like my hooks hangin' in the wind i roll my cords and hoses up and bungee them to safety chains but they don't always cooperate when its 10degrees outside. I took spring latch off long time ago just seem to get in the way. there not going to fall off (knock,knock) i prefer chains over straps when they are long and heavy probably just preference. I know the straps are rated for it but they tend to slid a little to much for me. what else you guys got did you notice the strap shackles around springs do you do that too? MTA415 said: Was gonna mention the strap shackles but you beat me to it. Its a guy here that does that but he painted them red. He says so he don't mix them up with the ones he uses with his straps which makes sense to me. I'm the same way with chains, I have tow chains and I have recovery chains and never the two shall meet. I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand. BEAUMANS GARAGE said: I personally never thought of the shackle. You got me there I dont know why but never hit me . As for the chains I like the straps better. Just my preference. Easier to handle and I have never had one move on me. Nice hook p and a job well done to you sir. And way to remember to clamp the brake buddy to the peddle. Jr
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