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  3. We got a call this year from a man claiming to be from Road America. He needed a quote to tow a pickup from one town to the next. We gave him a quote and he said we were approved and could call back for a credit card number upon hookup. In the mean time, Road America actually called to dispatch us for the same tow. There was some confusion until I called the man back, then patched Road America into the call. The man became very angry and hung up. I gave Road America all his information and we completed the call. This got me curious. So I googled the man's number. It pulled up several car transportation businesses and tow truck companies scattered throughout the US. Also there were some you tube videos. So I watched a few. In these videos, he explains how to become a "broker" for insurance companies and motor clubs. All of course, has to be funneled through him and he will make you money! All sounded like a scam to me! Upon further googling, I discovered that if you google "tow truck" and the zip code you want to search, a number of web sites appear. Some are your local companies, but others are not. Some of these sites even offer zip code searches for tow trucks. For example, there are two local towing companies in our area. If you search our zip, it pulls up eighteen different companies, all within twenty miles. Sure it lists the two actual companies, but the rest are all fake! Guess what phone number is listed on these sites. The man that said he was from Road America!! As far as I can tell, this search site lists every zip code in our area and the US. Everyone I searched, these fake companies showed up. And some of the google searches, pull up these sites first before the local companies. Best I can figure is the motor clubs or whoever calls this man, he accepts the call, and then finds the best quote from a local company and has them complete the call. He collects "x" amount from the caller and pays "y" amount to the local tow truck company. It never occurred to me that he could be using stolen cards to pay "y". Either way, it doesn't sound right. The entire tow truck online search process is not right!
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