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  1. Frist wrecker, not sure what year Autocar body than mounted on old Intnational (no pic) then on White 9000 old mack Frist ramp Old Chevy Frist hyd Da Wash Boss said: super sharp white 9000 thats a good looking truck there. all those trucks are sharp looking. thanks for sharing I enjoy looking at pics like this. Danny Cassello TRPC East Hartford, CT dat1 said: nice of you to show photos. being able to show a history like yours is something you cant buy, it takes a lot of hard work . hpgtowing said: Nice stuff.... Love that old iron... I really like your current Mack also... Really nice pics...Keep em coming... Steve
  2. Originally Posted Feb 2010: Replaced 750 with 1701. Not done yet but getting there Thanks Paul CPG2036 said: Perfect combination you have there. Mack and Holmes. That 1701 will be a workhorse as is the 750. Keep us posted on your project. Thats gonna be a real nice truck when you are done. Good luck with it. Show us some pics of that fine lookin single axle too. Take care. townhooker said: One mean lookin' wrecker!!! A true powerhouse! Nice! wanna see some good action shots next! Supertruck926 said: Thats pretty cool. What are you gonna do with the 750? Make a winching truck??? Kyresqtow said: Seems only fitting I should post these to show where the journey for the 1701 began..... RFmotors said: Ken, Thanks for the pix I will add them to my album . Your right about where the jouny started ..lol . Thanks for everything ,you were great to deal with. I will keep you up dated..Thanks Paul DMHANSONWRECKER said: what kind of bracing is under the floor were the base of the hyd cyls are???? just wondering my 750 had none when we built our 750 conversion,just trying to save you guys some hassle in the long run.. her is a pic of the box bracing we put under our floor for the cyls, good luck keep up the good work looks sweet............... daryl RFmotors said: When we built this truck we used a 6x4 sub frame from the zack lift to were the mast bolts on. When we put the 1701 on we cut the floor away and built a surport box for the cyl. shoe out of 4x4 that lays across sub frame with a 1/4" plate across the top. very over kill , but I like it...Thanks Paul DMHANSONWRECKER said: thats what im talkin about overkill all the way, keep the pics coming,i considered buying that bed hope you have good luck with it ken seems to be a straight shooter................daryl gdwrnch33 said: nice truck. hard to beat a mack and a holmes. thanks for posting. keep us posted Ed Barker said: An old Marcells truck,,I knew that unit looked familiar,,nice looking Mack,,looks like a fairly simple swap. JimJim said: did the boltholes in the truck frame correspond between the 750 & 1701 that is one fine looking mack what are its specs ? thank you Grady853 said: I have used both ,, your going to love the 1701 , 750's are great but just hard to beat a 1701, I like mine much better than my 1030 I had timstruckservice said: Looks Like that Ole Dog is Getting a New Bone !!! Very Nice Upgrade ..... Can't Wait to see it Completed. I only Hope to do the Same to Ours Someday ! Nice Pics. - Keep Em Coming ..... Tim Da Tow Boss said: That is one sharp looking 750 and going to be an even nicer 1701. Please post finished photos of that fine ride. RFmotors said: The only thing left is the decals..Thanks again Ken. hope you like how she came out ...Paul Da Wash Boss: oh my god how can one not like how that came out. that truck is beautiful a true american workhorse and just speechless here. another Holmes unit has been saved. Thank You Paul!!!!!!!!!! dsc said: Beautiful Truck! Holmes Wreckers would be proud! Good Job.... DMHANSONWRECKER said: looks so nice , i love it................daryl townhooker said: Wow! Very nice wrecker..a definate Powerhouse!..Great Job!! Now we want to see some recovery pics with it soon!.. timstruckservice said: Excellent Job !!! That is Definitely a Beauty & it appears you did a Find Job on it. Great Finished Product .... You Should Be Proud ! mttowing said: I'm jealous !!!! That is one beautiful heavy. I had no idea Ken had it for sale last year or I would of bought it for sure. I'll bet you cant wait to try it out.....Mine will hopefully be operational this summer ??? CPG2036 said: You guys did a terrific job on that wrecker. Something to be proud of. Turned out so nice. Those 1701s are real work horses. Good luck with that Big Dog. Take Care
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