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  1. Rodney F. "Rod" Pichelman, age 60, died Friday, November 6, 2009 at home under the care of his family and Aspirus Comfort Care. Rod married his wife Diane on August 3, 1968 and in 1973 together they started "Rod's Wrecker Service". They began with 2 tow trucks and built the business to include 6 trucks, a repair garage and employ 6 people. He was an active member of the Wisconsin Towing Association and shared his knowledge as an instructor at many training seminars. Rod was a soft spoken gentleman and will be missed by everyone who knew him. Niemans Towing said: He was a great guy he will be missed god bless his family & friends , be safe Chris Nieman WILDWOOD JACK said: I never met him, but heard nothing but good things about him from a couple of other towers in Wisconsin that I know. Our thoughts and prayers are go out to his family. From all of us at Wildwood Service, Jack Micko said: I had many of great conversations with Rod at the Wisconsin tow shows I have attended . He was one of the good guys , I will include him in my prayers . Originally created on Tow411 in February of 2009
  2. Topic Originally Created in October of 2006: As I was looking at the impressive K/W belonging to Bosco's Automotive on page 13 (lower pic) in the winter issue of 24/7, I noticed it appears to have a pusher axle that is lifted. I wonder how the axle weights figure on a tow like that? Wade200 said: They are rated just like a tandem, probably 23,000 for the rear axle and 20k or so for the pusher. I believe that truck has a 20,000 steer axle as well. As long as either the truck was built from the facotry like that OR you have it retagged by a professional to include the pusher axle in it's weight ratings. shtowing9803 said: A GVWR can not be changed afer the truck is built no one has the power to change the certification of a truck the lift axle can be certified by the manufacturers of the axle but most states at least the gulf coast ones don't recognize it one if the truck was born with it. Brise Blackwell III Wade200 said: I didn't mean it would change the GVWR. I just mean, if the truck is properly documented with the pusher or tag install, it will be good for that axles weight rating. If you add a 20,000 axle next to your 23,000 single axle...the rear will be good for 43,000. At least thats how I see it, I may be wrong. I know some people will just put it on themselves and unless it is certified with paperwork, the extra axle is useless. kstone said: Tom are you refering to this, There was a lot of thought put in to this truck as far as length versus body capacity.When we were asked about the picture the person writing the article thought it was a 9055. As far as legal weight it does'nt matter in CT.The truck has a twenty three front , a twenty thousand tag, and a twenty nine thousand rear with timbrens mounted tight to the spring so it does ride hard. But its worth it.I can tell you since I am the one that drives 90% of the time its very hard to get the truck lite as a feeling you might get with a screw Kevin Stone A&M Towing & Recovery AWT902 said: That's exactly what I was refering to! Was the chassis ordered with the heavy rear? Spring ride I assume. As it sits in the magazine photo (with the airport truck on the under reach) I would guess that rear axle is carrying around 45K and would handle much better in turns and reduced traction conditions than with the pusher down. Really nice unit, the time that was invested in planning will be paid back many times over as you use the truck in upcomming years. Possibly you would share some axle weights, both loaded and unloaded. Is that a 204" body? kstone said: Yes it is a 204" body.The truck was the last glider KW produced.My memory is eluding me I'll have to look up some weights.The truck weights about 34,000 loaded and with fuel.Any other questions feel free to ask.
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