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  1. Still here.....and enjoying life. HEFFY
  2. Still here or there..... Stay safe & have a great summer HEFFY
  3. Still here,,,,,just getting older,,,,,,thank God. HEFFY
  4. Still here Ron....just not as active being 72 & mostly retired. Ed,jr is doing a great job running the business. Just enjoying the winter in southern south carolina,near the beach...........and not in da styx & hills of northwest New Jersey HEFFY
  5. Hey Jerry...... Welcome back & glad to hear that you are doing OK now. Did you sell the business, or is your son running it ??? Give me a call when you get a chance. HEFFY
  6. Our condolences & prayers go out to everyone involved. May Marco rest in eternal peace. HEFFY
  7. My condolences to Steve & Bob, plus the entire Avella family. May he rest in eternal peace HEFFY
  8. Still here....just not checking in as often. Stay safe folks HEFFY
  9. Tow411 Topic recreated from November 2008: We just picked up my 4024 today from Derek Dangelo's shop........What quality craftsmanship with fabricating the new cabinets on this unit. He sure did a "top notch" job & spared no details with it......I will take some pic's & post them in the equipment section......Now, tomorrow is inspecting all the stuff & re-loading the cabinets....PLUS....I have to make my "Shopping List" for the Baltimore Show.....Yup, new lites for the lite bar wings, more chains & stuff....I will have more room in this body then the other one. You & your crew did a fantastic job, Derek.....And, I would not have any doubts about recommending you to another tower for needed repairs or fabrication work. THANKS AGAIN & C'ya in Balto. HEFFY GregTowsIt said: Derek's place is TOP NOTCH. I have been looking at trucks for a while now, and his stuff is outstanding. Drewmel said: I must say I followed your project looking foward to the updates. I like what I see. Good Job Derek.
  10. Our sincere condolences to the entire Coady family & may Danny rest in eternal peace. HEFFY
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