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  1. Don , The department that I am on went and fought a few of them . I was not able . Been a long time since Wenham went out that far away but the Mutual Aid System does work . I actually had a driverstuck in that traffic . He is pretty knowledgeable about that area and got around it . Stay Safe!
  2. It is a lot of work getting them all clean and sitting still for a fleet picture !
  3. Called this AM for a quick tow local for a conventional bus . Had plenty of air , Quick shaft drop and fork it to the bus parking lot . They always say we will leave you plenty of room to park it ,,,,,,,,,, but everyone knows how that always plays out ,,,, squeeze it in the row and in between the tightly packed busses . I will be posting this tow truck for sale in the future if anyone could use a nice low mileage MD truck . Tom C


  5. If there was an open manhole cover near that vehicle you would be in for a surprise . Years ago I had a manhole cover blow off right in front of me as I was walking through 2-3 feet of water . If I hadn't seen it happen I might have ended up in the ocean as food for the lobsters . We handle these a lot differently now . Tom C NBAC
  6. I got a call one day from a friend that has a local garage and he wanted me to come right down . When I got there I realized why he sounded a little stressed . An ear had broken off one of his lifts and a truck ended up on his side narrowly missing a mechanic . I wanted to winch it outside and roll it in the parking lot as it was very tight inside but he insisted on rolling it inside because it was on a very busy street and he wanted to keep the public viewing to a minimum . It was a little tight but it went right over no problem . We put the tires on it and winched it outside and loaded it . Anyone that has been in business for a while gets these calls and this was my 6th in 35 years .
  7. Hi , I am an old tow 411 member . I was one for many years an learned an incredible amount . I have been in this business for 40+ years and have owned my business for 35 years this this year . Tom Curran New Beverly Auto Clinic Inc. Beverly Ma.
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