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  1. TOWPC05

    19-20 Ford F650

    How are the new Ford F650s holding up as carriers. Anybody have any experience with the 6.7 or 6.8 versions? Hows the frame and suspension holding up? The DEF systems staying reliable?
  2. We are curious because we seen where INDOT was using them but was wondering what impression in towing industries was about it. Thank you for the answer i know the synthetics are the new upcoming thing. We all may just have to wait awhile until it is all mastered.
  3. any one on here using or heard of synthetic d ring or soft shackle i have seen them in off road market. I am curious if anyone uses them or if they even meet towing and recovery safety standards. The Synthetic Rope winch line has become very popular and everything is kind of following suit.
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