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  1. well, its to put myself in your shoes , but I have had some of the same experiences , I had to make a hard choice, I gave up 80 -100 calls a month because of non payment of a lot of po's they refused to pay for the po's that were completed and dispatched for. I refused further po's , they keep calling and sometimes I get the call and credit card, and sometimes I don't it was hard choice put my head into the work and found different sorces for revenue. just don't tow haul equiptment, freight, scrap cars, move sheds. don't lose any money any more ,still do motor clubs but on my terms , but everybody get excellent severice from me. I work harder sometimes for my money.
  2. what I don't understand is your statement about rates, how do you complain about low rates? did you not negotiate rates with them? if the rate is low why do you take the calls? not tryin to bust your onions, but if you gave low rates for work then you need to "own" that issue and change it till it suits you. In my opinion you have to know all of your expenses and how much you wish to make for wages including "workmans comp" and don't forget to figure in a percentage of profit for your company, once you have that figure (your rate) the most you afford to discount is 20 % for volume. just my opinion.
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