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  1. Thanks for the info Brian.. Much appreciated..
  2. Hi not sure if I'm in the right section or not but hopefully I can find some helpful info.. I'm just wondering if there is any requirements to owning a tow truck (Rollback)? Like I'm just a regular guy with no cdls, which I know depending on what I tow may require that, so besides that? I'm not really trying to get in the towing business. Just wondering if there's anything I need to know about owning one, to do private stuff with, tow my own stuff, and maybe simple tows for friends if needed, but primary use would be towing my stuff like a skid steer. I might would try to get into transport later down the road tho.. Any info is appreciated. I live in Georgia in case anyone knows anything about it being state specific. Again any info and advice is appreciated.
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