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  1. One person has serious injuries after a crash involving a semi tanker hauling human waste, an SUV and a truck towing an RV near the intersection of Weld County Roads 74 and 31 on Tuesday afternoon, Colorado State Patrol spokesman Sgt. Rob Madden said. The crash closed Weld 74 between Weld 31 and Weld 33. Emergency crews ripped the roof off the mangled truck to free people from inside. The RV it was towing lay on its side across Weld 74, blocking the entire road. Perpendicular to the RV lay the semi tanker, flipped on its side, the top of its cabin ripped off, its engine block twisted and unrecognizable. The tanker leaked its contents onto the road, filling the snowy, bitter-cold air with the smell of human excrement. The SUV sat in the intersection, its front smashed in and rear driver-side door ripped off. RESOURCE LINK
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