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Trailer Roll Over in Parking Lot???

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This was something different yesterday....Guy said his trailer rolled over in the parking lot of a strip mall. Wasn't sure if it would be "roadable" so we took a rollback over as well in case we had to carry it home...





On his way out, he hit the right side tire against a rock and the trailer bounced off of it?....then it disconnected from the Explorer they were towing it with...





1 rim sling around the axle support & another through the wheel to "catch" it coming over...






Fender was already ripped off so that made it easy... Then hooked it to the rollback and transport back to our shop.




No big deal but it broke up the day...

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I see you have some good help riding shotgun! I always love seeing your pictures. Thanks for taking time.

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1 hour ago, Bushwacker said:

I see you have some good help riding shotgun!

Yea my Daughter in Law flew down to Florida to rescue 3 dogs & bring them home. My granddaughter has been running calls for 3 days with Eddie.




Somebody has to be the "Boss"....


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Glad to see the Boss was there to keep you guys in check on that one.😃 Good work. 

There are Tow Truck Drivers, Then There is Towing and Recovery operators...... Which one are you??🤨

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