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Big Wheel Recovery

RBU March Seminar --- March 24, 2018

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Instructors are Bob and Eric Fouquette from Big Wheel Towing & Recovery.

They teach:

 Remediation of the accident scene

 Proper way of writing recovery invoices

 Billing liability insurance

 Billing for vehicles that only have property damage coverage

 Obtaining payment from insurance companies

These classes are critical for you to remain in business.

Your bottom line will double.

These classes are essential for anyone interested in building a successful towing and recovery company.

Other training institutions teach you how to tow and do recoveries the proper way; we teach you how to be more profitable using the techniques you've acquired by having the ability to bill for your services.

We recommend the company owner and the main billing clerk to attend, one price includes both individuals, class sizes are critical because of the tremendous amount of information that has to be gone over.  Two repeat classes are absolutely free (refreshers must be done in Massachusetts).  The class is scheduled for March 24, 2018. Classes are going to be from 8:30 am - 6 pm.  Call for info this is a first come first serve basis.  We personally guarantee that you will be totally blown away at how much more successful your company will become.  Call today for your reservations: 508-763-5927 and ask for Linda. Thank You and see you in March!


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