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Important General Membership Question

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Since this is Memorial Day Weekend, I will keep this short.


We are nearly 2 1/2 years into a 3 year rebuild. The membership numbers are going up everyday as are the number of posts. Traffic is nearing a peak of the old board and soon to surpass those numbers. We still do not see the responses we once saw in the early days of Tow411 prior to a point when many visitors did not register as members and simply read topics. The member only forums only enticed some to join.


Now my question: There are currently 4,627 members. The lasted mass mail went out to 4,029 members. A total of 1,510 emails were opened and 460 were clicked thru to the links in the email (these are minimum numbers as reported). The post counts beside the topics only count members logged in and they only count each member once regardless how many time the member clicks on the topic. The old message board would count each and every click through. This is more accurate although it does not count guests, so when a member does not log in then the view is not counted. Please take the time to log in and if your the only one using the device you do not need to log out. The system will not only show active 15 minutes, 30 minutes whatever it is.. I don't think there is a setting for that.


So , did you really think I could keep it short... Onto my question for you!


With the number above in mind only 71 members have responded to the semi annual roll call currently taking place. Now, I know there are far more members logging in, so there have to be members not logging in as evident in the click thru report of 460.


QUESTION For YOU..... Is there a reason you have not responded to the Roll Call?


Seriously, this is like a census we need the most accurate numbers we can attain.


It Takes You To Assist Us in recording the activity level, this is done every 6 months


Thanks https://www.towforce.net/topic/9642-towforce-semi-annual-roll-call-may-15th-july-1st-2020/



Now Enjoy the rest of Your Memorial Day Weekend...




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I did the roll call... Right??... Forgive my ignorance.. i am what is called  " computer irlitterate"....

There are Tow Truck Drivers, Then There is Towing and Recovery operators...... Which one are you??🤨

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It's kinda hard to say. I see a lot of interaction through my pages that has lagged massively over the last few months. Not sure if it's a lack of interest, or just no enthusiasm towards the industry, where work had steadily declined. Fingers crossed that the re-opening of the nation will bring these numbers back up!


Moe Timcoe 

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