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Fargo’s All Pro Towing helps couple escaping New York amid pandemic

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Fargo’s All Pro Towing helps couple escaping New York amid pandemic

A couple trying to escape the state as it became a hotspot in March ran into a problem they weren't prepared for

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FARGO, N.D. — As COVID-19 cases racked up in New York, Kyle Kinard and his wife loaded up their SUV and set out to leave their Brooklyn apartment behind.


But their second stop of what was supposed to be a smooth-sailing road trip to eastern Washington didn’t go entirely as planned.


“My wife was kind of looking on Google Maps and picked out the Sheyenne National Grasslands south of Fargo, so we decided we were going to poke around in there and try to find a spot to sleep for the night,” Kinard says.


Instead of getting a good night’s sleep, what they got was their KIA getting stuck in a trail of mud.


“I think I wrote in the piece in Road & Track that I wanted to set the thing on fire with me inside it.”


Kinard, who’s a senior editor at Road & Track magazine, recently wrote about their off-road experience; the article shining a light on a Fargo man and his business.


“Stuff still happens,” says Nathan Lohman. “People still get stuck, they get locked out of their cars, they need tows, we still have to be there for them.”


Nathan and Marty Lohman of All Pro Towing in Fargo came to their rescue.


The father-son duo admit they were nervous to get in a truck with Kinard amid the pandemic, but knew they had to help.


“We were pretty scared, you know,” says Marty Lohman. “I was riding out there with Kyle in my tow truck and we were sort of looking at each other. That was at the beginning, so we didn’t shake hands, and we were nervous.”


They ended up freeing the SUV in less than 15 minutes, and Kinard says he’s glad he made that call to Lohman.


“He was a great guy to deal with, and I think he was sympathetic toward the situation I had put my wife in, at least.”


Even in the face of a pandemic, being there for others is what Lohman says he’s here for.


“We have to keep going. Us, law enforcement, medical, we have to keep going to do the rescues,” he says.


The Kinards made it safely to Pullman, Washington after being on the road for 45 hours.


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